Pabbly Conncet Integration in Dash SaaS -

Pabbly Conncet Integration in Dash SaaS


Pabbly Connect is your go-to solution for streamlining business processes through seamless integration with over 1000 applications. Whether you’re managing data in Google Sheets or running an online store on Shopify, Pabbly Connect empowers you to effortlessly connect and automate workflows with its intuitive interface. With features like scheduled workflows, advanced routing logic, automated data extraction, and data iteration, Pabbly Connect offers endless possibilities for optimizing your operations and driving efficiency. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined processes and real-time data synchronization with this powerful, no-code automation solution.



Step 1: Super Admin Access:

First, the super admin must add the Pabbly Connect add-on by going through a few procedures.

  • Scroll to “add-on manager” after logging in to the super admin side.
  • To include the Add-On, click the “+” (Module Setup) button.
  • You will see a box where you must attach the ZIP file for the “Pabbly Connect Add-On.”
  • You must enable the module once the setup procedure is finished for the remaining customers to purchase this add-on.

Step 2: Company Login Access:

After the super admin enables the add-on, the admins can purchase the add-on and access the Pabbly Connect add-on by following the steps mentioned below.

  • So, the admin has to first purchase the add-on by navigating to the “subscription plan” page and then you have to click the “usage plan” and find the Pabbly Connect add-on and purchase it.

Step 3: How to use the Pabbly Connect Add-on.

  • After purchasing the add-on go to the system settings from the sidebar and find the Pabbly Connect Settings.
  • Once you find it out, you can see the list of modules that you have connected with Pabbly.
  • You can also connect more modules with Pabbly with the help of the “+” button given at the top, and once you click on it you can select the name of the module, select a method from “get”, “put” & “post”, and at last add the Pabbly Webhook URL.
  • You can also easily make workflows in Pabbly, and connect them with webhooks on the official website of Pabbly.

1. Accounting Module

  • New Customer
  • New Bill
  • New Vendor
  • New Revenue
  • New Payment

2. Appointment Module

  • New Appointment
  • Appointment Status

3. CMMS Module

  • Work Order Request
  • New Supplier
  • New POs
  • Work Order Assigned
  • New Part
  • New Component
  • New Location
  • New PMs

4. Contract Module

  • New Contract

5. Fleet Module

  • New Vehicle
  • New Booking
  • New Insurance
  • New Maintenance
  • New Booking Payment
  • New Fuel

6. General Module

  • New Invoice
  • Invoice Status Updated
  • New Proposal
  • Proposal Status Updated
  • Create User

7. HRM Module

  • New Award
  • New Announcement
  • New Holidays
  • New Monthly Payslip
  • New Event
  • New Company Policy

8. CRM Module

  • New Lead
  • Lead to Deal Conversion
  • New Deal
  • Lead Moved
  • Deal Moved

9. LMS Module

  • New Course
  • New Course Order
  • New Custom Page
  • New Blog
  • New Rating

10. POS Module

  • New Purchase
  • New Warehouse

11. Recruitment Module

  • New Job
  • New Job Application
  • Interview Schedule
  • Convert To Employee

12. Retainer Module

  • Retainer Create
  • New Retainer Payment

13. Rotas Module

  • New Rotas
  • Rotas Time Change
  • New Availability
  • Cancel Rotas
  • Days Off

14. Sales Module

  • New Quote
  • New Sales Order
  • New Sales Invoice
  • Add Sales Invoice Payment
  • Meeting Assigned

15. Support Ticket Module

  • New Ticket
  • New Ticket Reply

16. Project Module

  • New Project
  • New Milestone
  • New Task
  • Task Stage Updated
  • New Task Comment
  • New Bug

17. Training Module

  • New Trainer

18. vCard Module

  • New Appointment
  • New Contact
  • New Business
  • Business Status Updated

19. Double Entry.

  • New Journal Entry

20. Commission

  • New Visitor
  • New Visit Reason

21. Holidayz

  • New Booking Coupon
  • New Room Facility
  • New Hotel Customer
  • New Hotel Service
  • New Room Booking
  • New Room
  • Change Hotel

22. Workflow

  • New Workflow

23. Portfolio

  • New Portfolio
  • Update Portfolio Status

24. Spreadsheet

  • New Spreadsheet

25. SalesAgent

  • New Program
  • Sales Agent Request Sent
  • Sales Agent Request Accept
  • Sales Agent Request Reject
  • New Sales Agent
  • New Sales Agent Order
  • Update Order Status

26. Fix Equipment

  • New Accessories
  • New Asset
  • New Audit
  • New Component
  • New Consumables
  • New License
  • New Location
  • New Maintenance

27. WordPress WooCommerce

  • New Product

28. Visitor Management

  • New Visitor
  • New Visit Reason

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