Twilio Integration in AccountGo -

Twilio Integration in AccountGo

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Twilio Integration for Seamless Communication

The Twilio integration in your WorkDo app allows you to effortlessly communicate important events with your customers or employees through the Twilio API.

Getting Started

Access Twilio Integration Settings:

  • Log in to your Company/Owner Profile.
  • Click on “Settings” at the bottom of the navigation panel.
  • Select “Twilio Settings” from the Settings navigation panel.

Editing Twilio Integration Settings

Provide Twilio Information:

  • Ensure you have your Twilio SID, Token, and phone number ready.
  • Log in to your Twilio account, find these details on the homepage, and copy them.
  • Paste the Twilio SID, Token, and phone number into the relevant fields in your WorkDo app account.

Select Message Triggers:

Choose when you want to send a message by clicking the button next to each option:

  • Leave Approved/Rejected
  • Award Created
  • Task Created
  • Contract Created
  • Trip Created
  • Ticket Created
  • Invoice Created
  • Invoice Payment Created
  • Event Created
  • Project Created
  • Payment Created

Need Help Setting Up Integrations?

If you require assistance with any supported integration, our support team is ready to help. Feel free to reach out for guidance.

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