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Budget Planner in AccountGo

User Type: Company Profile / Owner

Budget Planner Overview:

Hey there, Company Profile Owner! Let’s dive into the Budget Planner. It’s a handy tool that helps you create budgets for different things, like clients or projects. To find it, just log in to your Company/Owner Profile and look for “Budget Planner” in the menu.

Creating A Budget:

Creating a budget is easy. Just give it a name (like a client or project), choose how long it’ll last (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and pick the year. Then, add in the numbers for income and expenses. For example, you might have income from product sales and expenses like rent or travel.

Viewing A Budget:

When you want to see how your budget is doing, go to the “View” mode. It shows you all the categories and numbers for each period. You can compare these with the actual numbers in the system to see how close you are to your plan.

Editing A Budget:

Need to make changes? No problem! In the “Edit” mode, you can update the budget name, period, year, and all the numbers for income and expenses.

Deleting A Budget Entry:

If you ever need to start fresh, you can delete a budget entry. Just use the delete function, and it’s gone.

This Budget Planner is like your money GPS. It helps you plan, see how things are going, and make changes when needed. Keep your finances on track and make smart decisions for your company’s success!

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