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Expense Bill, Payment, Debit note

Expense Module Simplified Guide:

The Expense module in our system helps manage interactions with vendors, including creating bills, making payments, and dealing with debit notes. Here’s a breakdown of the three main components: Bill, Payment, and Debit Note.


Accessing Bills:

  • On the left navigation bar, under the Accounting System, click on Expense.

List of Bills:

  • The list displays bills created within the module.

Creating a Bill:

  • Click on “Create” to add a new bill.
  • Enter details like Vendor, Bill date, Due date, Bill number, Category, Order Number, Items, Quantity, Price, Discount, and Description.
  • You can manually add items using the “Add Item” button.

Options for Managing Bills:

  • Search: Find bills by entering criteria and clicking on the search button.
  • Export: Download the list of bills.
  • Bill ID: View details of a specific bill and update its status.
  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the same bill for another vendor.
  • Show: View details of a specific bill and update its status.
  • Edit: Modify details of an existing bill.
  • Delete: Remove a particular bill record.

Template Changes in Download Bill:

  • Access Print Settings under Accounting System in the left navigation bar.
  • Edit Bill print template, choose from templates, set theme color, upload a bill logo, preview the layout, and save the template as default.


Purpose of Payment Module:

  • Helps generate records for payments made outside the system, such as bank transfers or cash.

Debit Note:

Debit Note Functionality:

  • A detailed explanation of the Debit Note functionality is not provided in the content.


The Expense module streamlines vendor interactions. Bills can be created, managed, and customized. Payments made outside the system are recorded. Additionally, the Debit Note functionality addresses specific needs.

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