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AccountGo Budget Planner

User Type: Company Profile / Owner

A budget planner allows you to create budgets and assign them to people or projects. Each budget can be created for a different period: month, quarter, half a year, or a year.

Getting Started

To find this module, log in to the Company/Owner Profile. You’ll find Budget Planner in the navigation menu:


There are four things you can do: create, view, edit or delete a budget. Here’s how each of them works.

Creating a Budget

It allows to create a budget by providing a few details:

  • Name (for example, client or project)
  • Budget Period (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly)
  • Year

You can then add the respective figures for each period for every income and expense category.

For example, you can use (see below example):

  • Income: maintenance sales, product sales
  • Expense: rent or lease, travel

Every budget comes with three options – view, edit, delete (as seen in the first image).



In the view mode, you can see the different categories of each budget with their respective figures (divided by period). The period shown will depend on that of a budget. The figures then get compared with actual figures reported in the system.

Each budget comprises of the following elements:

  • Time period (Half yearly)
  • Allocated budget (Budget)
  • Actual cost (Actual)
  • Income and its categories
  • Expense and its categories
  • Net Profit/Loss figures



The edit mode allows you to change the following budget details:

  • Budget name
  • Budget period (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly)
  • Budget year
  • Income & Expense category names and their respective figures


This function allows you to delete an entry from the system.


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