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Warehouse Management in ERPGo: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Logging In:

  • Open the ERPGo website.
  • Enter the company login credentials.

2. Warehouse Overview:

  • Once logged in, find yourself on the Dashboard Overview.
  • Click on the ‘POS System’ module in the left-side module bar.
  • Access the ‘Warehouse’ sub-option to view related details.

To view specifics of a particular warehouse, click on the ‘View’ button under the ‘Action’ buttons column.

3. Adding a Warehouse:

  • To create a new warehouse, click on the ’Create’ (plus symbol) button in the top right corner.
  • Enter the necessary details to add it to the list.

4. Purchase Management:

  • In the Dashboard Overview, click on the ‘POS System’ module.
  • Choose ‘Purchase’ to view relevant details.
  • To create a new purchase order, click on the ’Create’ button and provide the requested details.

5. Product Transfer:

  • Utilize the ‘Transfer’ function by clicking on the “+” button to seamlessly transfer products from one warehouse to another.

6. Adding Point of Sale (POS):

  • Access the ‘Add POS’ sub-option under the ‘POS System’ module.
  • Manage customers and their purchases, including walk-in customers not in the database yet.

7. Point of Sale (POS) Management:

  • Navigate to the ‘POS’ sub-option to monitor sales made through the system.
  • Click on a particular POS ID to delve into relevant details.

8. Printing Barcodes:

  • Under the ‘POS System’ module, click on ‘Print Barcode’ to view details.
  • Create and print new barcodes by clicking on the ’Create’ button and providing the required details.
  • Click ‘Print’ to generate and print the barcodes.

9. Customizing Print Settings:

  • In the ‘POS System’ module, select ‘Print Settings’ to view details.
  • Customize templates, color input, and logos according to your preferences.


Effectively utilizing ERPGo’s Warehouse and POS System modules allows for seamless warehouse management, purchase tracking, efficient point-of-sale operations, and smooth product transfers between warehouses. With these detailed steps, users can navigate through these functionalities with ease.

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