Manage Leaves in HRMGo -

Manage Leaves in HRMGo

Leave and Attendance Management Guide:

If you need to manage leaves for your employees/staff, follow these steps:


  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the HRM System:
  • On the left navigation bar, select “HRM System.”

Leave Management:

  • Click on “Leave Management.”

Manage Leave:

  • Click on “Manage Leave” to view the list of employees who have applied for leave.

Options available:

Create Leave:

  • Click on this button to access a form to:
  • Select the employee.
  • Choose the leave type.
  • Specify start and end date.
  • Provide leave reason and remarks.
  • After entering details, click on “Create Leave.”

Leave Action:

  • Click on this button to view details entered by the employee for the leave.
  • You can then accept or reject the leave.


  • Click on this button to edit the leave details entered by the employee or yourself during leave creation.


  • Use this button to delete a particular leave.


Mark Attendance (Individual):

  • Click to get the list of users based on their clock-in/clock-out data.
  • Filter data by Type, Month, Branch, and Department.
  • Edit and delete options available based on clock-in/clock-out data.

Bulk Attendance:

  • Manage attendance for multiple employees simultaneously.
  • Find the list of employees by adding values from dropdowns in the filter option.
  • Select employees, mark attendance, and edit clock-in/clock-out timings.

Use this guide to efficiently manage leaves and attendance, ensuring smooth HR operations.

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