Launching Your Own SaaS Business With WorkDo Dash -

Launching Your Own SaaS Business With WorkDo Dash

How to manage Premium Add-ons?

When the Super Admin purchases WorkDo Dash certain complimentary Add-ons are already being enabled for him. Additionally, whenever he wants to purchase a new Add-on, he can go to the “Add-on Manager” page and see the list of the available Add-ons there. Following the purchase and payment process, he will get the ZIP file(s) of the Add-on(s). By clicking on the “Module Setup” feature, he has to upload the ZIP file(s) there. Once uploaded, the Add-on(s) is disabled and can only be enabled for the end user when the Super Admin does that.

Enabling the Add-on here is important because without that, the Super Admin won’t be able to create the plans that include those Add-ons, and also the end user won’t be able to get to know about that Add-on.

Along with that, the following are the advantages of managing the subscription for the Super Admin:

  1. 1. Buy the Add-on(s) once, and charge your Users/ Customers Monthly/ Yearly
  2. 2. Run your own White-Label SaaS
  3. 3. Managing the subscription plans for the end users

Moving with the Subscription Settings, the Super Admin can Create a Package and manage Custom Design Packages. Here, when the “Create Package” option is selected, the Super Admin can create and manage “Pre-Packaged Subscription” and the end user can see the same. While the Custom Design Package option is selected, the Super Admin can create and manage “Usage Subscription” and the end user can see the same. If both are selected, the end user can see them both.

1. Pre-Packaged Subscription

1.1 Super Admin: Create Custom Plans

The Pre-Packaged Subscription for WorkDo Dash SaaS offers an efficient and hassle-free way to harness the full power of the ERP solution. These plans are carefully curated to cater to diverse business needs, making it easier than ever to select the right fit for your company. With options tailored to various industries and company sizes, you can access a comprehensive suite of modules and features that are pre-configured to streamline your operations effectively.

The Super Admin has the full authority to create and manage custom pre-packages for the subscription for the end users. Here, they can create any plans with their relevant names specifying the Plan Type by providing the required information of that particular plan namely – Number of Users, Number of Workspace, Price of the Basic Package Per Month, or Year. The “Trail Enable” option sets liberty for the end users to use the particular plan for a mentioned number of days. The Super Admin then can create the subscription package by adding the Add-ons from the available list for the end user as per the plan and its requirement.

1.2 Admin/ Customers: Access Pre-Defined Plans

For the “Pre-Packaged Subscription” option the company, can check the monthly and yearly subscription prices for the plans already created by the Super Admin. Here, he can have the leverage of the subscription plans as well as the usage of the Add-ons and their trials as provided and shared by the Super Admin.

2. Usage Subscription

2.1 Super Admin: Flexible Add-on Pricing

The “Usage Subscription” for WorkDo Dash SaaS introduces a flexible and cost-effective approach to accessing and utilizing our powerful software. With this subscription model, the end user can pay based on the actual usage, allowing it to scale resources up or down as needed. It’s a dynamic solution that aligns with the specific requirements, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. This subscription grants access to the full range of ERP features. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our Usage Subscription ensures you get the most value from our ERP solution while maintaining the agility to adapt to changing business demands.

The Usage Subscription is in simple terms, the customization subscription plan for the Add-ons which are not included in the Pre-Package Subscription. The Super Admin can set add-on-wise prices for the end user.

This firstly comprises the basic subscription pricing set by the Super Admin including the price settings for – the Basic Package Price/ Month, Basic Package Price/ Year, Per User Price/ Month, Per User Price/ Year, Per Workspace Price/ Month, and Per Workspace Price/ Year.

Another thing the Super Admin can do is, he can manage each Add-on’s features for the end user. These features include the customization of the name and logo of the Add-on and setting the monthly and yearly price of the Add-on for the end user.

2.2 Admin/ Customers: Pay-as-You-Go

For the “Usage Subscription” option the company, can have the information about the current subscription with users. The company can manage his plan purchase on a monthly or yearly basis as per convenience.

Here, the price of the Basic Package and the additional Add-ons is as set by the Super Company according to the number of Workspace and Users assigned to that particular plan. While purchasing the plan, the final package will be as per the count of the number of Workspace, Users, and the additional Add-on(s) on a monthly/ yearly basis.

3. White-Label SaaS

3.1 Branding for Unique Identity

With White-Label SaaS, businesses can infuse their unique brand identity into the software. They can add their company name and logo, creating a consistent user experience that aligns with their brand values.

3.2 Language Customization

To enhance user experience, companies can customize language preferences, making it easy for users to engage with the software in their preferred language.

3.3 Branded Email Communication

Effective communication is vital for business success. Through White-Label SaaS, companies can customize SMTP settings for branded email communication, reinforcing their distinct identity in all interactions.

3.4 CMS for Personalization Content

Frontend and landing pages are essential touchpoints for users. White-Label SaaS offers a Content Management System (CMS) that empowers businesses to tailor these elements, further solidifying their brand presence and boosting user engagement.

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