Feedback Integration in Dash SaaS -

Feedback Integration in Dash SaaS


Feedback is a powerful tool that provides individuals with valuable insights into their actions and how they impact those around them. Whether in personal or professional contexts, feedback serves as a guiding light for improvement, learning, and growth. In the digital realm, the Feedback Add-on takes on a vital role as a foundational element in various systems and software applications. Its primary function is to simplify the intricate process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing feedback from a wide range of sources, including users, customers, employees, and stakeholders. This Feedback Add-on acts as a compass, illuminating paths for personal and professional development, enhancing skills, and boosting overall effectiveness. It empowers organizations to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvements, all while gaining a deeper understanding of customer experiences for better-tailored products and services.

In particular, feedback from customers and clients is of utmost importance, providing businesses with invaluable insights into the quality of their products and services. This feedback enables companies to refine their offerings, ensuring they align more closely with customer needs and expectations. The Feedback Add-on, whether used for personal growth or to improve business performance, is a cornerstone for constructive change and success in the digital age.

Workflow Installation

Step 1: Super Admin Access:

So, the following is the process of the installation of the Feedback Add-On with the help of which you can easily have access to this add-on.

  • Login to the super admin side and scroll down to “add-on manager”.
  • Feedback Dash Saas

  • Click on the “+” (Module Setup) button to add the Add-On.
  • Feedback Dash Saas

  • You will find a box where you will have to attach the ZIP file of “Feedback Add-On.”
  • Feedback Dash Saas

  • After you complete the module setup process, you have to enable it so that the rest of the customers can buy it.
  • Feedback Dash Saas

Step 2: Company Login Steps:

After the super admin enables the add-on, the admins can purchase the add-on and have access to the Feedback add-on by following the steps mentioned below.

  • So, the admin has to first purchase the add-on by navigating to the “subscription plan” page and then you have to click the “usage plan” and find the Feedback add-on and buy it.
  • Feedback Dash Saas

Step 3: How to use the Feedback Add-on?

  • Find it in the menu card where you will find two pages named templates and history.
  • Feedback Dash Saas

  • On the template page you can create templates for different modules mentioned in the list. After that you just have to enter the subject, and the message in the box given over there. You can also add the variable message which will be presented by default.
  • Feedback Dash Saas

Here is the list of all the modules and sub-modules given in the list.

Modules Sub-Modules
Accounting Invoice Paid.
HRM New resignation, New Termination.
Project Project Finish
POS Product Purchase
Contract Contract Close
Sales Invoice Paid, New Call, New Meeting.
Support Ticket Ticket Close
Form Builder New Form Builder
Retainer Retainer Paid

  • The second page is for history, where you can check the feedbacks given by the customers, and you can also search for them, and delete them whenever you want.
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