Contract – Dash SaaS Add-on

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Contract Terminations

Access live contract updates and auto-record changes. Approve/sign client contracts, adding notes, comments, and attachments. Enhance with AI-driven contract analysis for insights. Alert on contract milestones. Improve UI for ease of use. Offer customizable reporting for performance tracking. Ensure seamless contract management.

Contract – Dash SaaS Add-on
Contract – Dash SaaS Add-on

What Does The Contract Module Help With?

Contract Module is very helpful for proper documentation of the contracts done with clients showing the type of contract, the value, and time duration. The predefined settings can be done/ updated through Setup, PDF download and preview features of the contract module can include version control, and integrating e-signature capabilities.

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  1. by Tatiana Bohova

    Good module

  2. For Feature Availability
    by Anonymous

    Very good system

  3. For Code Quality
    by 49AlpaEllena
  4. For Customer Support
    by marnus46
  5. For Other
    by royaldeveloper

    Very Satisfied with the All Addon

  6. For Code Quality
    by Anonymous
  7. For Feature Availability
    by lum2bungi23novasi

    I really like the feature

  8. For Other
    by Dac style4

    the Team deserve 5 Star for following reason;
    1- Customer Support
    2- Feature Availability
    3- Design Quality
    4- Documentation Quality


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