Side Menu Builder Integration in Dash SaaS -

Side Menu Builder Integration in Dash SaaS


The Side Menu Builder is a powerful tool designed to improve user navigation and interaction within websites and applications. Its primary function is to create user-friendly side menus, offering a customized and efficient experience for visitors. Users can input details such as the destination URL, link alias, and additional parameters, allowing for direct access to specific content or actions with a single click.

The purpose of the Side Menu Builder is to empower administrators to create tailored side menus that guide users directly to their desired destinations or actions. Whether it’s accessing specific pages, and critical features, or providing quick access to essential information, the Side Menu Builder enhances the user experience by offering a more intuitive and personalized interface, which can be managed easily through menu creation, editing, and deletion.

Workflow Installation

Step 1: Super Admin Access:

  • To get started with Side Menu Builder, ensure that your super admin has system access.
  • Side Menu Builder Dash Saas

  • Navigate to the “Add-On Manager” section within the super admin dashboard.
  • Initiate the setup process by clicking the “+” button for “Module Setup.”
  • Side Menu Builder Dash Saas

  • You will be prompted to upload the required ZIP file for the “Side Menu Builder.”
  • Side Menu Builder Dash Saas

  • Upon completing the setup, don’t forget to enable the module to make it available for others to utilize.
  • Side Menu Builder Dash Saas

Step 2: Company Login Steps:

  • After enabling the Side Menu Builder Add-On by the super admin, company admins can proceed with the configuration.
  • Begin by visiting the “Subscription Plan” page and selecting the appropriate “Usage Plan.”
  • Side Menu Builder Dash Saas

  • Locate the Side Menu Builder Add-On and follow the steps to complete the subscription process.

Step 3: How to use the Side Menu Builder Add-on?

  • Once you buy the add-on, you will see a button named Side Menu Builder in the menu.
  • Side Menu Builder Dash Saas

  • On that page you can create new menu builders by clicking on the “+” button.
  • Side Menu Builder Dash Saas

  • After that you have enter details like selecting the menu type from main menu or side menu.
  • Side Menu Builder Dash Saas

  • After that you have to enter the name of the menu, and select the link type.
  • At last, you have to select the window in which you have to show the window from the given options.
  • You can also edit the settings whenever you want with the help of edit button given over there.

So, this is how you can have access to the side menu builder add-on, and use it very easily.

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