vCard Integration in Dash SaaS -

vCard Integration in Dash SaaS


Introducing vCard, the convenient and elegant solution for crafting and managing your business and personal digital cards. With vCard, creating your professional identity is a breeze, and it’s completely free. Update your digital business card effortlessly through our user-friendly dashboard, eliminating the need for reprints. Manage your business cards with ease, customize them to match your brand with a variety of beautiful themes, and effortlessly modify your business information. Moreover, vCard simplifies appointment management and contact interactions, ensuring you stay organized and informed. This virtual business and personal card solution empowers you to create your digital card in just a few simple steps, and it supports the widely recognized VCF (Virtual Card Format) for contact information exchange, making data sharing easy and seamless across applications without any loss of essential details. Embrace vCard to streamline your professional identity and digital networking experience.



Step 1: Super Admin Access:

First, the super admin must add the vCard add-on by going through a few procedures.

Vcard Dash Saas

  • Scroll down to “add-on manager” after logging in to the super admin side.
  • To include the Add-On, click the “+” (Module Setup) button.
  • Vcard Dash Saas

  • You will see a box where you must attach the ZIP file for the “vCard Add-On.”
  • Vcard Dash Saas

  • You must enable the module once the setup procedure is finished in order for the remaining customers to purchase it.
  • Vcard Dash Saas

Step 2: Company Login Access:

So, the admin has to first purchase the add-on by navigating to the “subscription plan” page and then you have to click the “usage plan” and find the vCard add-on and purchase it.

Vcard Dash Saas

Step 3: How to use the vCard Add-on?

  • After completing the purchasing process, you will get to see the vCard Dashboard.
  • On the dashboard, you will see the number of businesses, appointments, and contacts.
  • Vcard Dash Saas

  • You will also get to see a graph of appointments of the last 7 days.
  • On the top right corner, you will see a box from which you can choose a business, of which you want to see the graph.
  • After that if you scroll down, you will also see the vCard add-on in the menu, in which you will get three pages named, “Business”, “Appointment”, and “Contact”.
  • On the business page, you would be able to see the list of businesses including all the details like, its logo, status, contacts, appointment calendar and many more. You can also create a new business by clicking on the “+” button, and selecting the theme that suits your business. You can also edit the business whenever you want, and deactivate it.
  • The next page is for appointments, where you will see the list of appointments and get to know if it is completed or not. You can change the business if you have multiple businesses from the box given at the top.
  • The last page is for contacts, where you will get the contact details of the contacts integrated to your business, you can also download the contact in the form of an excel sheet if you want.
  • Vcard Dash Saas

So, this is how you can integrate the vCard add-on to the Dash SaaS product.

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