How To Generate Whatsapp API Permanent Access Token -

How To Generate Whatsapp API Permanent Access Token

How To Generate Whatsapp API Permanent Access Token?

  1. Click on the link and log in to
  2. After clicking on the link you have to select the “all apps” option from the three options, and then click on the “create app” button.
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  4. After clicking on the “Create app” button, you’ll get to see three options from which you have to select the “Other” button.
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  6. After this, you have to select the “business” option.
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  8. Following that step, you have to write “add an app name”, and “App Contact Email”, and then if you want you can also select another “business account”, this is completely optional.
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  10. Then you have to set up the “WhatsApp App”.
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  12. Then you have to click on the “quick start” button.
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  14. After which you have to click on the “Start with API button”.
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  16. Then you will get the temporary access token, “Phone Number ID”, and “WhatsApp Business Account ID”.
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  18. Following that you have to add your “recipient phone number”.
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  20. After that, you can find your “Permanent Token Number”, by clicking on the link given on that page.
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