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In this doc you’ll find out how to connect one of supported WorkDo apps to Pusher.

Editing Pusher Settings

To access the settings panel, log into your super admin AccountGo account.

Then, head over to Settings > Pusher Settings and fill in the Pusher App ID, App Key, App Secret, and App Cluster.

Getting Your Pusher Credentials:
  1. Head over to https://pusher.com/channels and log into your Pusher account.
  2. Select “Channels” and click “Create app”. Next, enter your app’s name and select your geography in the cluster option.
  3. Next, select JQuery in the frontend and Laravel in the backend windows:
  4. Image2
  5. Once the app is created, select apps > “my channels” > select “App keys”. There, you’ll find the API key and other information required for configuring the API in your platform.

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