Make Own Landing Page -

Make Own Landing Page

Make Your Own Landing Page

User Type: Owner or Super Admin (in some apps)

Enabling the Landing Page

To enable the landing page:

  • Log into the super admin dashboard.
  • Go to Settings > Site Settings.
  • Click the button next to “Enable Landing Page” to set the landing page on or off.

After you enable the landing page you will be able to customize some settings that will be visible on the landing page. Following is the list of the settings that can be customized by the super admin.

  • Top Bar: In the top bar setting you can enable or disable the top bar button, and you can also enter the message of your choice, and at last you have to click on the “Save Changes” button.
  • Custom Page: In the custom page setting, you can add the logo of your choice with the help of choosing the file from your device. Secondly, you can also add the pages like “about us”, “privacy policy”, etc, from the menu bar column given over there.
  • Home Page: With the help of this page you can edit or add the home page content easily.
  • Features: On the features page, you can add new feature cards, and feature head details, (Heading, and Description), and at last, you can add or delete the feature section, and edit it if you want.
  • Review: On the review page, you can add new reviews easily by clicking on the “+” button.
  • Screenshots: With the help of this page, you can upload new screenshots by clicking on the “+” button, and adding the heading and image.
  • Dedicated: On the dedicated page you can add or edit the dedicated section details very easily.
  • Buildtech: Edit and save the Buildtech section details easily with the help of this page.
  • Package: You can edit the package section details like the heading, short description, long description, package link, and live demo button text, with the help of this page.
  • Join Us: With the help of the Join Us page, you can easily add and edit the Join Us page details.
  • Footer: Edit the Footer details easily with the help of the Footer Page.

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