Contracts in AccountGo -

Contracts in AccountGo

Contracts Management Guide: Company Profile / Owner

Getting Started:

  • Log in to the Company/Owner Profile.
  • Navigate to Contracts in the main navigation menu.

Contract Dashboard:

View elements include:

  • Value of contracts (total, current month, current week, past 30 days).
  • List of customers the contracts are shared with.

List details:

  • ID, Subject, Customer name, Contract type, Contract value, Start & end dates, and Status.
  • Options for each contract: Duplicate, View, Edit, Delete.

Creating A Contract:

  • Click the green button in the upper-right corner of the contract dashboard.

Edit contract options:

  • Subject, Customer, Contract type, Contract value, Start & end dates, Description, Status.

Duplicating A Contract:

  • Click the “Duplicate” button in the action buttons list.
  • A duplicate contract retains all details.

View Mode:

Divided into four sections:

  • General: Basic contract details, attachments, comments, and notes.
  • Attachment: Upload/attach files to the contract.
  • Comments: User comments on the contract.
  • Notes: Additional notes related to the contract.

Additional Action Buttons:

In the top right-hand corner of the view mode, there are five additional action buttons:

  • Send email – click to send to the user who’s assigned as the recipient of the contract.
  • Duplicate – duplicates the contract.
  • Download – download the contract as a PDF
  • Preview – check the layout view of the contract you created
  • Accept/Decline – click to update contract status.

Note: Signature – for new contracts, you can add a signature to the contract using this option and for the already existing open ones, you can edit your signature using this option.

Delete Contract:

  • Deletes the contract from the system.
  • Use this guide to effectively manage contracts, create new ones, and navigate through the various options available in the Contracts module.

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