Branding & Personalization - White Label Setting -

Branding & Personalization – White Label Setting

Getting Started

As a Super Admin, you have the authority to tailor the appearance and branding of your WorkDo app according to your preferences and branding needs. Follow these steps to access the platform layout personalization settings:

Sign In: Log in to your WorkDo account as a Super Admin.

Navigate to Settings: Find the Settings option in the navigation menu.

Access Brand Settings: Within the Settings, locate and select “Brand Settings.”

Personalizing Your WorkDo Experience

In the Brand Settings section, you have the ability to customize the following elements:

Change Logo: Upload both light and dark versions of your logo.

Change Favicon: Upload a custom favicon for your WorkDo app.

Set Site Title Text: Define the text that appears as the title of your WorkDo platform.

Set Site Footer Text: Specify the text to be displayed in the footer section of your app.

Set Default Platform Language: Choose the default language for your platform.

Additional Settings

In this section, you will find four buttons allowing you to:

Support for Right-to-Left Text: Toggle the support for right-to-left text.

Landing Page: Enable or disable the landing page.

Sign-Up Page: Enable or disable the Sign-Up page.

Email Verification: Enable or disable the Email Verification setting.

Theme Customizer

In the Theme Customizer, you can further modify:

Select Primary Platform Colors: Choose the colors that represent your brand on the platform.

Manage Sidebar Layout Transparency: Toggle the transparency of the sidebar layout.

Enable/Disable Dark Mode: Opt for a dark or light theme based on your preference.

RTL Layout: Enable the RTL layout button if you want the RTL layout in your theme.

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