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Fleet Integration in Dash SaaS

Step 1 – Super Admin Login: Super Admins log in to their administrative account.

Step 2 – Access Add-On Manager: In the dashboard, they go to the “Add-On Manager” module.

Step 3 – Add Module: Within the “Add-On Manager,” Super Admins use the “+” button to add a new module.


Step 4 – Here you can upload the purchased module (Fleet.zip) of your choice.


Step 5 – Module Added: Once set up, the module is added to the list of available modules in the “Add-On Manager.”

Step 6 – Enable or Disable: Super Admins can choose to enable or disable the module. Enabling it makes it available for purchase.


Step 7 – Company Login: Company administrators log in to their company account.

Step 8 – Access Subscription Plan: Within their dashboard, they access the “Subscription Plan” module.

Step 9 – Purchase Module: In this module, they see the newly added module, which was enabled by the Super Admin. They can then select and purchase it.

Step 10 – Module Integration: Once purchased, the module is seamlessly integrated into the company’s system, specifically in the “Fleet” module. Now, company users can access and use it for their specific needs.


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