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User Type: Company Profile / Owner The Contracts module allows you to create new and […]

User Type: Company Profile / Owner

The Contracts module allows you to create new and edit existing contracts, manage their statuses, as well as see an overview of their total value.

Getting Started

To find this module, log in to the Company/Owner Profile. You’ll find Contracts in the main navigation menu:


In the contract dashboard, you can view the following elements:

The value of contracts generated, divided between:

  • The total number of contracts
  • Current month contracts
  • Current week contracts
  • Contracts created in the past 30 days

List of customers the contracts are shared with

The list shows the following details:

  • ID – the ID of each contract
  • Subject – the subject of each contract
  • Customer name
  • Contract type – there are different contract types, including planning, marketing, or sales.
  • Contract value – the total value of the contract.
  • Contract start date & end dates
  • Status – if the contract is open or closed

Additionally, each contract has the following options: Duplicate, View, Edit, Delete

Creating a Contract

To create a button, click the green button in the upper-right corner of the contract dashboard.


There, you can edit the following contract options:

  • Subject – Subject of the contract
  • Customer – select the customer from the drop-down list (you may need to add them to AccountGo first).
  • Contract type – you can edit contract types (marketing, sales) in the admin panel
  • Contract value – the total value of the contract
  • Start date & end date
  • Description – enter contract details
  • Status – set the status to open or closed.
Duplicating a Contract

To duplicate a contract, click the duplicate button in the “action buttons” list. When you duplicate a contract, it gets to keep all its details.


In the view mode, you can see all the details of an existing contract. The view mode is divided into four different sections:

  • General – here you can see the basic contract details (customer name, value, type, dates), as well as the number of attachments, comments, and notes. You can also add new or edit the existing contract description.
  • Attachment – you can upload/attach any file to your contract.
  • Comments – you and the ones the contract is shared with (who have user access to AccountGo), can comment in this section.
  • Notes – you can add notes on top of general description or in case any additional information needs to be sent in a contract.

In the top right-hand corner of the view mode, there are five additional action buttons:

  • Send email – click to send to the user who’s assigned as the recipient of the contract.
  • Duplicate – duplicates the contract.
  • Download – download the contract as a PDF
  • Preview – check the layout view of the contract you created
  • Accept/Decline – click to update contract status.

Notes – Signature – for new contracts you can add signature to the contract using this option and for the already existing open ones, you can edit your signature using this option.


Edit or update contract details.


Deletes the contract from the system.

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