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Flash Sale Module in eCommerceGo SaaS

Settings – Backend (Admin Side):

Creating a Flash Sale:

  • To create a Flash Sale, you’ll need to access the Marketing module in the admin backend of eCommerceGo SaaS and navigate to the “Flash Sale” section. This is where you can set up and manage Flash Sales for your online store.

Adding a Sale:

  • To initiate the creation of a new Flash Sale, you should click on the “+” button. This action starts the process of configuring a Flash Sale.

Sale Details:

In this stage, you will provide important information about the Flash Sale, including:

  • Sale Name: Assign a unique name to your Flash Sale, making it easy to identify and manage.
  • Start Date and End Date: Specify the period during which the sale will be active by setting the start and end dates.
  • Start Time and End Time: Define the precise times when the sale will start and end.
  • Discount Type: Choose between a “Flat Rate” or “Percentage” discount to determine how the discount will be applied.
  • Discount Amount: Set the discount amount based on your chosen discount type.

Sale Targeting:

Customize which products, categories, or product prices the Flash Sale will affect:

  • Target Selection: Choose the target for your Flash Sale from options like “Shop, Category, Product Price, and Product.”
  • “Is” or “Is Not”: Determine whether you want to include or exclude specific items.
  • Category Selection: You can select categories to include or exclude from the sale.
  • Product Selection: You can specify which products are part of the sale, or which ones are not, giving you granular control over the sale’s scope.
  • Note: When the target selection is not for the “Shop” option, the system will prioritize “Category” and adjust other sale targets accordingly.

Product Price Options:

If you’ve chosen “Product Price” as your target, you can further specify the price criteria:

  • Equal To: Products in the sale will have prices exactly matching the specified value.
  • Not Equal: Prevent discounts that match the selected price.
  • Greater Than: Offer discounts for products priced higher than the selected value.
  • Less Than: Apply discounts to products priced lower than the selected value.
  • Greater Than or Equal To: Discounts will be given for products priced equal to or higher than the selected value.
  • Less Than or Equal To: Discounts will apply to products priced equal to or lower than the selected value.

How does this affect Frontend?

Flash Sale Category Display:

  • On the front end of your eCommerceGo SaaS store, customers will see a dedicated section or banner that prominently highlights the ongoing Flash Sale. This section showcases the selected sale category, making it immediately visible to website visitors.

Discount Details:

  • The front end prominently displays the discount details configured in the admin backend. For example, if you set a “20% off” discount for electronics, this information is communicated to customers, encouraging them to explore the sale items.

Category Navigation:

  • Customers can effortlessly navigate to the sale category by clicking on the designated section or banner. This provides a direct path to view all products within the selected category that are part of the Flash Sale.

Product Listings:

  • Within the sale category, customers will find a list of products that are eligible for the discount. Each product listing will display both the discounted price and the original price, allowing shoppers to easily compare and understand the savings they’ll receive.

Countdown Timer:

  • To create a sense of urgency and excitement, the front end often includes a countdown timer. This timer informs customers of the remaining time left in the Flash Sale, encouraging them to make quick purchasing decisions before the sale ends.

By configuring these settings, you can create highly customized Flash Sales tailored to your specific marketing strategies and product offerings. Whether you want to discount specific products, categories, or price ranges, eCommerceGo’s backend provides the flexibility you need to run effective Flash Sale campaigns and enhance the shopping experience on the front end.

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