Report module explanation in eCommerceGo SaaS -

Report module explanation in eCommerceGo SaaS

Customer Order Reports:

Dashboard Overview: When you open the Customer Order Reports, you see a dashboard with different views, like a yearly summary, last month’s info, this month’s stats, and the last 7 days. These views help you understand how customers buy things over time.

Monthly Orders Bar Graph: There’s a colorful graph that shows how many orders you get each month. It’s like a chart where each bar represents a month, and how tall the bar shows how many orders happened in that month.

Pie Chart: A pie chart helps you see if the people buying from your store are registered customers or guests. It’s like splitting a pie to see how much goes to each group.

Customer vs. Guest Analysis: You can compare orders between registered customers (those who have an account) and guests (those who don’t). This helps you understand who buys more, so you can offer them special deals.

Using Insights: This tool isn’t just about numbers; it tells you stories about your customers. You can see trends, find the best times for sales, and make your marketing better using this information.

Order Reports:

Sales Reports: This section shows you all your sales data. You can see how much you sold each year, month, and week. It also tells you important numbers like total sales, the number of orders, how many items you sold, shipping costs, and coupon usage.

Sales Product Report: This report is about the products you sell. It tells you which products are the most popular and how much money they make.

Sales Category Reports: This part helps you know which groups of products are doing well and which need more attention.

Sales Downloadable Products: If your store sells things you can download (like music or e-books), this report shows you how many of those were sold and how much money they made.

Stock Reports:

Managing Stock: In this section, you can see a list of all the things you have to sell in your store. There are three categories on this page, The first one is low in stock where you will come to know which product is low in stock, and the next page is for out-of-stock products where you will be able to see the products that are out of stock, and lastly the page comes for most stocked where you can see the products that are already in stock.

By using these tools in your eCommerceGo SaaS platform, you can make smart decisions, understand your sales, and make your online store even better.

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