Video Hub Integration in Dash SaaS -

Video Hub Integration in Dash SaaS


In the fast-paced world of, Video Hub emerges as your invaluable ally, making tasks swift and hassle-free. By incorporating Video Hub into your routine, you not only ensure timely task completion but also save precious time that can be channeled into other important endeavors. This dynamic tool not only secures your video content but also grants you the liberty to access it whenever and wherever the need arises, allowing you to stay on top of your game.


However, the utility of Video Hub extends beyond mere video storage. It’s a game-changer in communication. Whether you’re dealing with clients, guiding users, or instructing employees, Video Hub empowers you to elucidate complex workflows. You can effortlessly walk your clients through product functionalities, simplify admin operations, break down user processes, and clarify employee tasks. When grappling with a new client who may find it challenging to grasp the complete product flow, Video Hub steps in, providing a swift and comprehensive explanation that leaves no room for ambiguity.

Navigating Video Hub is a breeze. To access video details and add comments, simply click on the video’s thumbnail or title. This takes you to a user-friendly interface where you can seamlessly view videos, access video descriptions, and contribute to the conversation by adding comments and sharing files. In essence, Video Hub is your go-to resource for all types of videos, ensuring that you have a reliable companion to simplify and enhance your experience.



Step 1: Super Admin Access:

  • To get started with Video Hub integration, ensure that your super admin has system access.
  • Video Hub Dash Saas

  • Navigate to the “Add-On Manager” section within the super admin dashboard.
  • Initiate the setup process by clicking the “+” button for “Module Setup.”
  • Video Hub Dash Saas

  • You will be prompted to upload the required ZIP file for the “Video Hub Add-On.”
  • Video Hub Dash Saas

  • Upon completing the setup, don’t forget to enable the module to make it available for others to utilize.
  • Video Hub Dash Saas

Step 2: Company Settings Steps:(Video Hub Add-On)

  • After enabling the Video Hub Add-On by the super admin, company admins can proceed with the configuration.
  • Begin by visiting the “Subscription Plan” page and selecting the appropriate “Usage Plan.”
  • Video Hub Dash Saas

  • Locate the Video Hub Add-On and follow the steps to complete the subscription process.

Step 3: How to use the Video Hub Add-on?

  • After that find out the Video Hub add-on in the menu, and click on it. Once you click on that page you will have to click on the “+” button.
  • Video Hub Dash Saas

  • Once you click on the “+” button, you will have to enter the title of the video and select the module from the given list.
  • Once you select the module, select the type of video from the two options given which are “Upload Video” and “Custom Video Link”.
  • Video Hub Dash Saas

  • At last, you have to add the description related to your video.
  • Once you upload the video, that video will be presented in the selected module.

So, here are the modules with which you can integrate the Video Hub add-on.

So, this is how you can have access to the Video Hub Add-on easily.

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