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WooCommerce Module – eCommerceGo SaaS


Access WooCommerce Integration:

  • Go to your eCommerceGo SaaS admin panel.
  • Find the “WooCommerce” section to connect with WooCommerce.

Get WooCommerce Details:

  • You need some special information from your WooCommerce store: Store URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret. Think of them as keys to open a door between the two platforms.

Synchronization Steps:

  • Go to “WooCommerce Settings” in eCommerceGo SaaS.
  • Get the Store URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret from WooCommerce settings.
  • Use these details to start the sync process. It’s like connecting two puzzle pieces.

Entering WooCommerce Info:

  • Go to your WooCommerce dashboard and enter the Store URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret. It’s like telling WooCommerce that it’s okay to share data with eCommerceGo.

Safe Data Transfer:

  • Once you enter these details, a secure connection is created. It ensures that your data moves safely between both platforms.

Managing Different Parts:


  • You can see category names and images. You can also sync products from WooCommerce to eCommerceGo SaaS from here.


  • On the customer’s page, you will be able to see the list of customers on WooCommerce, and if you click on the “+” you will be able to sync these customers with your eCommerceGo SaaS platform.


  • You can understand your customers better, see their order history, and interact with them personally. You can also add and update customer details.


  • You can create discount coupons for your customers in WooCommerce. Each coupon has a name, code, type of discount, usage limit, and expiry date.

By following these steps, you can connect your online store with WooCommerce, manage products, customers, and coupons, and make your online shopping experience better for you and your customers. It’s like a symphony of functions that make your store work smoothly.

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