How to Make SaaS with eCommerceGo -

How to Make SaaS with eCommerceGo

How to start your own business with SaaS (eCommerceGo).

What is an eCommerce Saas?

The easiest way to explain what an ecommerce saas is is to use examples.

Example 1: Shopify is an eCommerce SaaS, Platform that allows it to offer its customer the ability to launch their own eCommerce stores without needing to know how to code or even have their own domain.

Example 2: Other examples include Wix or Squarespace, and others. All these types of platforms do the same as Shopify, the only difference is they offer their customers the ability to launch their own eCommerce store and more, such as to launch other websites that are not eCommerce (selling of products/services)

So with our eCommerceGo, you can also launch your own eCommerce SaaS company and offer your customers the same eCommerce stores and empower them to start selling their products and services without needing to know how to code or the need of their own domain.

Next steps to start your own eCommerce Saas

  • 1st buy our eCommerceGo SaaS
  • 2nd purchase a domain at your domain register
  • 3rd launch your cpanel and unzip your copy of eCommerceGo Saas
  • 4th Install and setup your eCommerceGo Saas Business
  • 5th Start marketing and start making money.

Managing Themes and Subscription Settings in eCommerceGo:

When the Super Admin chooses eCommerceGo product, they get access to a variety of complimentary features, including themes to enhance the appearance of their online store, Mobile Apps, and eCommerceGo SaaS Seller App. Furthermore, the Super Admin can acquire additional features by going to the ‘Add-on Theme’ page, and ‘Add-on Apps’ page, and exploring the available options. After the purchase is complete, they will receive ZIP file(s) for the themes. To activate the theme, they must simply utilize the ‘Theme Set-Up’ function and upload the ZIP file(s). Once uploaded, the super admin can enable or disable that theme at his convenience.

Advantages of Managing Themes and Subscription Settings for Super Admin:

Customize Themes: Choose from a variety of free themes to enhance the look of your online store.

Add-on Apps: Enable mobile apps to extend the capabilities of your eCommerce platform.

eCommerceGo SaaS Seller App: Expand your business by offering your eCommerce solution to other sellers.

Subscription Settings for Super Admin:

The Super Admin can manage themes, Add-on Apps, and the eCommerceGo SaaS Seller App to tailor the eCommerceGo platform to their specific needs.

1. Themes:

1.1 Super Admin: Customize Store Themes

eCommerceGo offers a collection of free themes to enhance the appearance of your online store. The Super Admin can select a theme that aligns with their brand’s identity and customer preferences, creating an engaging shopping experience.

1.2 Admin/Customers: Access Custom Themes

For the “Themes” option, businesses can choose from the available themes to customize the look and feel of their online store.

2. Add-on Apps:

eCommerceGo allows the Super Admin to enable Add-on Apps to extend the functionality of their online store. Similarly, there is an app known as eCommerceGo SaaS Seller App that allows Super Admins to expand their business by offering the eCommerceGo platform to other sellers. For the “Add-on Apps” option, businesses and customers can access and purchase additional mobile apps to add new features and capabilities to their online store. For the “eCommerceGo SaaS Seller App” option, businesses and customers can access and purchase the seller app, enabling them to become sellers and utilize the eCommerceGo platform for their business.

3. Pre-Packaged Subscription:

3.1 Super Admin: Create Custom Plans

The “Pre-Packaged Subscription” for eCommerceGo offers pre-configured plans with various features tailored to different business requirements. The Super Admin has the authority to create and manage custom pre-packages for end users. They can create plans with relevant names, specify the Plan Type, and provide information such as the Number of Users, and Price of the Basic Package Per Month or Year. The “Trail Enable” option allows end users to use the plan for a specified number of days. The Super Admin can create the subscription package by adding Add-ons from the available list based on the plan’s requirements.

3.2 Admin/Customers: Access Pre-Defined Plans

For the “Pre-Packaged Subscription” option, businesses can view and choose from the monthly and yearly subscription plans created by the Super Admin. These plans include access to Add-ons and their trial periods.

4. Usage Subscription:

4.1 Super Admin: Flexible Add-on Pricing

The “Usage Subscription” for eCommerceGo introduces flexible pricing for Add-ons not included in Pre-Packaged Subscription plans. The Super Admin can set add-on-specific prices for end users. This includes setting basic subscription pricing, such as Basic Package Price/Month, Basic Package Price/Year, Per User Price/Month, and Per User Price/Year.

Additionally, the Super Admin can customize each Add-on’s features for end users, including the name and logo, and set monthly and yearly prices for the Add-ons.

4.2 Admin/Customers: Pay-as-You-Go

For the “Usage Subscription” option, businesses can manage their plan purchases monthly or yearly at their convenience. The final package price is determined based on the number of, Users, and any additional Add-ons added by the Super Admin.

5. White-Label SaaS:

5.1 Branding for Unique Identity

With White-Label SaaS, businesses can incorporate their brand identity into the eCommerceGo software. They can add their company name and logo for a consistent user experience that aligns with their brand values.

5.2 Language Customization

Companies can customize language preferences to enhance user experience, allowing users to engage with the software in their preferred language.

5.3 Branded Email Communication

Through White-Label SaaS, companies can customize SMTP settings for branded email communication, reinforcing their distinct identity in all interactions.

5.4 Custom Domain and Subdomain:

In eCommerceGo, you can customize subdomain and custom domain links to create a unique online shopping experience for your customers and enhance your brand presence.

With these explanations added, the content provides a comprehensive overview of managing themes, Add-on Apps, Usage Subscription, and White-Label SaaS in eCommerceGo.

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