Indiamart Integration in Dash SaaS -

Indiamart Integration in Dash SaaS


Integrating Indiamart with Dash SaaS streamlines lead management by establishing a seamless connection between the two platforms. With a straightforward setup process, users can input their CRM key and select the appropriate pipeline and stage for their leads, ensuring a robust connection and smooth flow of data. Once integrated, the Indiamart module serves as a centralized hub for managing Indiamart data, allowing users to easily browse and search through their product list using a convenient search bar. Additionally, one-click lead conversion simplifies the process of converting Indiamart leads into CRM leads, enhancing efficiency and providing a comprehensive view of lead details within the CRM module for effective lead management.

Step 1: Super Admin Access:

  • Make sure your super admin has access to your system before you do anything else.
  • Go to the “add-on manager” area of the super admin dashboard.
  • To start the setup procedure, click the “+” (Module Setup) button.
  • You will be asked to upload the ZIP file for “Indiamart.””Indiamart.”
  • Don’t forget to enable the module after the setup is complete so that other people can buy it.

Step 2: Company Settings Steps:

  • Once the super admin enables the Indiamart Add-On, company admins can proceed to purchase it and gain access.
  • Start by heading to the “subscription plan” page and select the relevant “usage plan.”
  • Locate the “Indiamart” Add-On and complete the purchase process.

Step 3: How to use the Indiamart Add-on?

  • Once you purchase the add-on, go to your Dash SaaS dashboard and locate the System Settings.
  • Once in System Settings, find the section specifically for Indiamart integration.
  • In the Indiamart Settings, you’ll need to input your CRM key. This allows Dash SaaS to connect with your CRM system.
  • Select the pipeline and stage where you want your Indiamart leads to appear in your CRM.
  • After integration, the Indiamart module in Dash SaaS becomes your central hub for managing all Indiamart data.
  • Use the search bar within the Indiamart module to easily find and access your product list based on specific criteria and timeframes.
  • In the Indiamart module, you’ll find a sync button next to lead details. Clicking this button instantly converts an Indiamart lead into a lead visible on the Lead page of your CRM module.
  • This integrated approach streamlines lead conversion, providing a comprehensive view of Indiamart details within your CRM for efficient lead management.

So, this is how you can integrate the Courier Management Module, and use it by following these super-easy steps.

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