Email Box Integration in Dash SaaS -

Email Box Integration in Dash SaaS


Check this out to find your Email credentials : Finding Email Credentials for the EMailbox Module in Dash SaaS

Elevate your email experience with EMail Box, the innovative module designed to revolutionize your email management. If you’re tired of the same old email routine, it’s time to embrace a solution that takes your email management to the next level, making it more effortless and efficient than ever before.

In the EMail Box module, you gain seamless access to your email folders, including Inbox, Drafts, Spam, Sent, Trash, and Archive, all hosted on your SMTP server. This powerful tool not only allows you to retrieve emails but also empowers you to interact with them in real time. Every action you take, whether it’s starring, marking as unread, or organizing emails into different folders, syncs instantly with your SMTP server email box. With EMail Box, you’ll experience unparalleled control and convenience, ensuring that your email management is effortlessly harmonized with your SMTP account, providing a new level of efficiency.



Step 1: Super Admin Access:

  • Make sure your super admin has access to your system before you do anything else.
  • Emailbox Dash Saas

  • Go to the “add-on manager” area of the super admin dashboard.
  • Go to the “add-on manager” area of the super admin dashboard.
  • Emailbox Dash Saas

  • You will be asked to upload the ZIP file for the “Email Box Add-On.”
  • Emailbox Dash Saas

  • Don’t forget to enable the module after the setup is complete so that other people can buy it.
  • Emailbox Dash Saas

Step 2: Company Settings Steps:

  • Once the super admin enables the Email Box Add-On, company admins can proceed to purchase it and gain access.
  • Start by heading to the “subscription plan” page and select the relevant “usage plan.”
  • Emailbox Dash Saas

Step 3: How to use the Email Box Add-on?

  • After that purchase the Email Box add-on.
  • Emailbox Dash Saas

    Emailbox Dash Saas

  • After following that procedure, find out the Email Box add-on in the menu.
  • Once you click on the Email box add-on you will be able to compose new Emails by clicking on the compose mail button.
  • You can also see the inbox, starred messages, sent messages, draft messages, spam messages, trash messages, and archived messages.
  • Emailbox Dash Saas

So, this is the simple way to have access to the Email Box add-on.

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