AI Assistant Integration in Dash SaaS -

AI Assistant Integration in Dash SaaS


AI Assistant is your advanced software companion, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to elevate your productivity to new heights. By seamlessly integrating AI technology, it empowers you to streamline tasks and accomplish more with ease. To get started, simply add your ChatGPT key in the Dash admin settings, and you can even include multiple keys for added flexibility.


One of the key benefits of AI Assistant is its ability to generate high-quality content that strikes the perfect balance between informativeness and engagement. It doesn’t stop at content creation; AI Assistant can also personalize your content to cater to specific target audiences, ensuring that your message resonates with readers. Furthermore, it excels in optimizing content for search engines, effectively driving more traffic to your website. From generating tax reports to crafting promotional titles, AI Assistant is your versatile tool for a wide range of tasks, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency in your daily operations.



Step 1: Super Admin Access:

  • Make sure your super admin has access to your system before you do anything else.
  • Ai Assistant Dash Saas

  • Go to the “add-on manager” area of the super admin dashboard.
  • To start the setup procedure, click the “+” (Module Setup) button.
  • Ai Assistant Dash Saas

  • You will be asked to upload the ZIP file for the “AI Assistant Add-On.”
  • Ai Assistant Dash Saas

  • Don’t forget to enable the module after the setup is complete so that other people can buy it.
  • Ai Assistant Dash Saas

Step 2: Company Settings Steps:

  • Once the super admin enables the AI Assistant Add-On, company admins can proceed to purchase it and gain access.
  • Start by heading to the “subscription plan” page and select the relevant “usage plan.”
  • Ai Assistant Dash Saas

  • After that purchase the AI Assistant add-on.

Step 3: How to use the AI Assistant Add-on?

  • Once you purchase the AI assistant add-on, go to settings, click on system settings, and find out the Chat GPT settings.
  • There you have to add the API Keys of Chat GPT in the given boxes.
  • Once you add the keys, you can see the AI Assistant button in some modules where it is needed.
  • Ai Assistant Dash Saas

  • You just have to click on that button, and you will be able to generate the content with the help of AI.

So, this is how you can have access to AI Assistant with the help of these steps.

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