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Documents Integration in Dash SaaS


Dash SaaS presents Documents Integration, an innovative solution that redefines document management with unparalleled efficiency and collaboration. This cutting-edge feature eliminates the complexities associated with juggling multiple document storage systems by offering a centralized platform where organizing and accessing documents is effortlessly streamlined. Within this unified environment, users can seamlessly attach, comment on, and annotate documents, fostering enhanced collaboration and communication among team members. The ability to add comments directly to documents facilitates real-time feedback sharing, question clarification, and progress updates, fostering a dynamic and interactive workspace. Furthermore, document integration empowers users to enrich document context by incorporating notes, allowing for the inclusion of important reminders, key insights, or supplementary information within the document interface. By seamlessly integrating with the Project Module, document integration revolutionizes project document management, enabling seamless linkage of project-related documents and facilitating transparent collaboration within project teams. This integration not only simplifies workflows but also enhances project efficiency, empowering teams to achieve their goals with precision and effectiveness.



Step 1: Super Admin Access

Before you dive into the installation, ensure your super admin has system access. Follow these steps:

  • Head to the “add-on manager” section in the super admin dashboard.
  • Initiate the setup process by clicking the “+” (Module Setup) button.
  • You will be prompted to upload the ZIP file for the “Document Module.”
  • Remember to enable the module once the setup is complete, making it accessible to other users.

Step 2: Company Settings Steps

Once the super admin enables the Document Module, company admins can proceed with the setup. Here’s how:

  • Start by visiting the “subscription plan” page and selecting the relevant “usage plan.”
  • Purchase the Document Module.
  • Once you purchase the add-on, find out the Document add-on in the menu.

Step 3: How to use the Document Add-on.

  • Once you purchase an add-on, go to the sidebar and find out the Document Module.
  • You will get to see two pages over there. The first page is for documents where you can see the list of documents and if you click on the document ID, you can have a look at document information, attachments, comments, and notes. You can also duplicate the document, view the document, edit the document, and edit it whenever you want. You can also add the documents whenever you want by clicking on the “+” button.
  • The second page is for document type, where you can add new document types, edit and delete them whenever you want.

So, this is how you can integrate the document template add-on in Dash SaaS. Just follow these steps and you can easily integrate this module with Dash SaaS.

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