AI Document Integration in Dash SaaS -

AI Document Integration in Dash SaaS

AI Document Integration

AI Document leverages the formidable power of OpenAI’s AI technology to revolutionize content creation while maintaining a commitment to originality and ethical standards. This versatile platform enables businesses to easily scale content generation, generating a substantial volume of articles, blog posts, social media content, and more. It ensures uniformity in tone, style, and brand voice, preserving a cohesive brand identity.

What sets AI Document apart is its multilingual capabilities and plagiarism prevention features. It can produce content in multiple languages, facilitating global reach and localization efforts. Importantly, it safeguards your content against plagiarism, ensuring that all generated material is original and adheres to ethical standards. Unlock the potential of your business and embrace the future of content creation with AI Document, where innovation and productivity meet to drive your brand toward tremendous success.



So, the following is the process of installing the AI Document Add-On, with the help of which you can easily have access to this add-on.

Step-1: Super Admin Access:

Firstly, the super admin has to add the AI Document add-on by following a few steps.

  • Login to the super admin side and scroll down to “add-on manager”.
  • Ai Document Dash Saas

  • Click on the “+” (Module Setup) button to add the add-on.
  • Ai Document Dash Saas

  • You will find a box where you will have to attach the ZIP file of “AI Document.”
  • Ai Document Dash Saas

  • After you add the ZIP file, the add-on will be displayed on the add-on-manager page, and the super admin has to enable this add-on.
  • Ai Document Dash Saas

Step 2: Company Login Access:

After the super admin enables the add-on, the admins can purchase the add-on and have access to the AI document add-on by following the steps mentioned below.

  • So, the admin has to first purchase the add-on by navigating to the “subscription plan” page, and then you have to click the “usage plan” and find the AI Document add-on and purchase it.
  • Ai Document Dash Saas

Step 3: How to use the AI Document Add-on?

  • After purchasing the AI Document add-on, find it out in the menu.
  • After clicking on the AI Document module, you will see a list of 95+ templates with the help of which you can generate the content at your convenience.
  • Ai Document Dash Saas

  • You just have to select the template according to your needs.
  • That’s it you can generate many types of documents with the help of this add-on.
  • Ai Document Dash Saas

So, this is how you can have access to the AI document add-on with the help of these easy steps.

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