User Manual - vCardGo SaaS -

User Manual – vCardGo SaaS

1. Dashboard

1.1 Total Business

This section displays a numerical summary of all the businesses registered on the platform. It serves as a quick reference to understand the overall scale of the platform.

1.2 Total Appointments

This part shows the total count of appointments made across all businesses. It helps track the volume of business activities and appointments.

1.3 Total Staff

Here, users can see the total number of staff members associated with all businesses. It provides an overview of the workforce across the platform.

1.4 Graph Representing the Appointments

This graphical representation visually displays the trends and patterns of appointments over time. It could include daily, weekly, or monthly trends, helping users understand busy periods or areas that might need attention.

1.5 Bar Graph Representing the Platforms

This bar graph illustrates the distribution of appointments across different platforms. It could be useful for businesses to understand which platforms are more popular among their customers.

1.6 Pie Chart of Browsers used (Last 15 Days)

The pie chart visually breaks down the usage of different web browsers among users in the last 15 days. This information helps in optimizing the platform for the most commonly used browsers.

1.7 Storage Status

This section indicates the current status of storage, detailing how much storage is in use and how much is available. Administrators must monitor and manage storage resources efficiently.

2. Business

2.1 Create Business

Users can create a new business by providing a name and selecting a theme. This allows for easy onboarding of new businesses onto the platform.

3. Edit Business

3.1 Replace the Theme

This feature enables businesses to change their visual theme, giving them flexibility in branding and customization.

3.2 Edit the Business Details

Users can modify general business information such as contact details, addresses, or any other relevant information.

3.3 Edit Custom Domain

This functionality allows businesses to customize their domain settings, including business links, domains, and subdomains. It is particularly useful for businesses with custom branding needs.

3.4 Change the Blocks

This feature allows businesses to customize the content blocks on their pages. For example, they can add or remove sections like testimonials, services, or promotions.

3.5 Edit SEO Settings

Users can optimize their business for search engines by editing settings such as meta keywords, Google Analytics integration, and meta descriptions, and adding Facebook Pixel and Pixel ID for tracking.

3.6 Copy the Card Link

This creates a shareable link or card link for the business, making it easy to share business information with others.

3.7 Business Analytics

This section provides detailed analytics and insights into the performance of the business. It may include data on website traffic, user engagement, and other key performance indicators.

3.8 Business Calendar

Displays a calendar view with business-related events and appointments. It helps businesses manage their schedules effectively.

3.9 Business Contacts

Manages and displays the contacts associated with the business. Users can add, edit, or delete contacts as needed.

3.10 Delete Business

Allows users to permanently remove a business from the platform. This action should be performed with caution, as it irreversibly deletes all associated data.

3.11 Download Business

Enables users to download business-related data, providing a way to archive or transfer information.

3.12 QR Code

Generates a QR code for quick access or sharing of business information. This is a convenient way for users to access business details using their mobile devices.

3.13 Preview Business

Allows users to preview how the business will appear to others before making changes live.

4. Staff/User

4.1 Create Users

Enables the creation of new staff or user accounts, including setting roles and permissions.

4.2 View Userlog Details

Displays detailed logs and activities associated with user accounts, helping administrators monitor user actions and system activity.

5. Role

5.1 Enter the name of the roles

This section allows administrators to create different roles for staff members.

5.2 Select Roles and Permissions

Assigns specific permissions to roles, defining what actions users with each role can perform on the platform.

6. Appointments

6.1 Calendar of Appointments

Displays a calendar view of scheduled appointments, making it easy for businesses to manage their schedules.

6.2 Export Appointment Details

Allows businesses to export appointment details for record-keeping or further analysis.

7. Contacts

7.1 Select Categories

Enables businesses to categorize their contacts based on predefined lists.

7.2 Add Notes and Change Status

Allows businesses to add notes to contacts and change their status, providing a way to track and manage interactions.

7.3 Export Contacts

Enables businesses to export contact information for external use or analysis.

8. Calendar

8.1 Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Calendars

Provides different calendar views (monthly, weekly, and daily) to help businesses manage their schedules effectively.

8.2 List of Scheduled Appointments

Displays a list of all scheduled appointments, offering an alternative view for quick reference.

9. Plans

9.1 Subscribe to Plans

Allows businesses to subscribe to plans suitable for their needs, providing flexibility and scalability.

10. Settings

10.1 Site Settings

Logo Dark, Logo Light, and Favicon

Businesses can upload different versions of their logo and a favicon to maintain consistent branding across the platform.

Title Text

Enables businesses to edit the title text displayed on the site.

Time Zone

Sets the default time zone for the platform, ensuring accurate scheduling and time-related functionalities.

Default Language

Specifies the default language for the platform, providing a localized experience for users.

Enable RTL

Enables or disables Right-to-Left text direction for languages that read from right to left.

Theme Customizer

Customizes the visual theme of the platform, allowing businesses to align the look and feel with their branding.

Sidebar Settings

Allows businesses to adjust the layout and content displayed in the sidebar, providing a tailored user experience.

Layout Settings

Customizes overall layout preferences, giving businesses control over the structure of their pages.

11. Google Calendar Settings

11.1 Add Google Calendar ID

Integrates Google Calendar by adding the Google Calendar ID, and synchronizing appointments and events.

11.2 Add Google Calendar’s JSON file

Integrates Google Calendar by uploading the required JSON file for authentication and authorization.

12. Webhook Settings

Edit Webhook Settings

Configures and manages webhook settings for external integrations, enabling businesses to connect with other services.

13. Email Settings

13.1 Mail Driver Key

Specifies the mail driver key for email services, facilitating communication with users through email.

13.2 Mail Host, Port, Username, Password, and Encryption

Configures email server settings, ensuring the proper delivery of emails.

13.3 Mail From Address, Mail From Name

Sets the default sender email address and name for outgoing emails.

This detailed documentation covers a wide range of features and functionalities for the described dashboard. Users can refer to this documentation for guidance on using different aspects of the platform.

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