eCommerceGo Admin App Documentation -

eCommerceGo Admin App Documentation


The eCommerceGo Admin App is a powerful tool designed to streamline the management of your online store. This documentation provides a comprehensive guide to help you navigate and leverage the features of the Admin App effectively.


Quick Add Feature

The Quick Add feature allows you to add new products to your inventory swiftly, enhancing the efficiency of your workflow.

QR Code Theme

Generate a QR code representing your store’s theme for improved branding and accessibility.

Metrics Overview

  • Total Products: Displays the total number of products in your store.
  • Total Sales: This shows the cumulative sales figure for your store.
  • Total Orders: Indicates the total number of processed orders.
  • Graph of Orders: Visualizes the trend of order placements.
  • List of Top Products: Highlights top-performing products based on relevant metrics.
  • List of Recent Orders: Provides a chronological list of the most recent orders.
  • Graph of Visitors: Graphical representation of visitor statistics.
  • List Of Product Coupons: Compiles a list of active product coupons.


Order List

  • View a comprehensive list of all orders, providing a snapshot of your transaction history.

Search Bar

  • Efficiently locate specific orders using the search bar by order number, customer name, or other relevant criteria.

Order Status

  • Categorizes orders by status, distinguishing between paid and unpaid transactions.

Order Details

  • Thermal Receipt:Generate a thermal receipt for individual orders.
  • Statistics:Detailed statistics for each order, including Grand Total, Estimated Tax, Applied Coupon, Shipping Price, Sub Total, and Payment Type.
  • Extra Information:Displays additional information such as shipping details and billing information.
  • Shipping Information:Includes details like name, city, country, postal code, state, email, and phone for shipping purposes.
  • Billing Information:Encompasses billing details, including name, city, country, state, postal code, email, and phone.


Add New Product

  • Use the “+” button to add new products to your inventory, guiding you through entering essential details.

Product List

  • View a comprehensive list of all products, showcasing key information such as ratings, prices, and descriptions.

Product Ratings

  • View and add ratings for each product, enhancing customer feedback and engagement.

View Product Details

  • Access detailed information for individual products, including name, price, rating, description, and additional details.

Edit/Delete Product

  • Edit or delete products as needed, ensuring flexibility in inventory management.

Product Creator Information

  • Displays the name of the person who created the product, with the option to edit or delete this information.


Add New Category

  • Use the “+” button to add new product categories, contributing to a well-organized product catalog.

Search Categories

  • Efficiently search for specific categories, facilitating effective category management.

Category List

  • View a list of all product categories, providing an overview for effective organization.

Edit/Delete Category

  • Edit or delete existing categories as needed, ensuring flexibility in catalog management.


Store Settings

  • Configure various store settings to tailor the Admin App to your specific needs.
  • Store Theme Settings
  • Store Payment
  • Store Email Settings
  • Store Loyalty Program
  • Logout

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