Website Design Statistics You Should Know In 2022 -

Website Design Statistics You Should Know In 2022

A website is the foundation of a business’s whole digital marketing strategy. It is highlighted with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social media initiatives. Considering its importance for a business, the website’s design and usability must correspond to industry trends, user demands, and current practices.

Organizations are becoming increasingly conscious of the value of maintaining a websites existence. With a designated place, businesses can only reach a certain number of individuals. Still, with a decent website, they can have multitudes of visitors browse the digital shop from anywhere, at any time. Substantial website development is taking place to reach a huge media customer base.

Importance Of Website Design

Around 1.5 billion active websites exist currently. A professionally designed website helps create a favorable image for a potential client. It equips businesses with the resources to develop prospects and improve traffic conversions. An effective website design provides a positive customer experience ensuring the audiences can browse, navigate, or use the website easily.

The worlds population is 7.7 billion, of which 4.54 billion are internet users and 4.14 billion individuals actively use social media. Hence, businesses need a website presence apart from their physical store.

The customer experience, sales, and other factors can greatly influence how a website is designed. The following statistics demonstrate the significance of effective website design:

Design-Related First Impressions

Website is the initial point of contact with potential consumers for many businesses. Hence, firms must adopt quality web design as the Research Gate study predicts that first impressions are 94% design-related.

Well-Designed Sites

Adobe revealed that 59% of users prefer well-designed, attractive, and elegant websites over straightforward ones.

Inexpensive Web Design

Professional website designers ensure the versatility and functionality of a website. Hence, businesses prefer to hire professional web designers despite the option of easily available templates and software for self-creating a website. GoodFirms predicts that website designers typically charge $3200 for a basic website design, yet many professional designers charge under $2000.

User Perception

Shockingly, there is a brief period to make a substantial initial impact and capture a visitors attention once they land on the website. Behavior and Information Technology research revealed that it only takes 50 milliseconds for the audience to develop a perception of a business and its website.

PR Newswire survey showed that almost 50% of internet users claim that a brands website design plays a major role in how they perceive it.

Website Design Current Trends

Regarding website design, its crucial to stay updated and follow the latest trends. Some statistics about upcoming and current website design trends include:

Escalating Industry Growth

There are around 179,000 website designers in the US as of 2020. Statista anticipates that this figure will increase to over 205,500 by 2030 as the sector develops and more companies understand the value of web design.

Small Businesses Focusing On Mobile Applications

Top Design Firms predict that 42% of small firms will create mobile apps in the upcoming days. It is because web browsing is significantly conducted on mobile devices. Hence, increasing numbers of companies are eager to optimize for mobile consumers.Mobile applications are among the simplest methods to accomplish this.

Expressive Typography Technique

Expressive typography is currently trending in the web design business. It pertains to using artistic fonts to establish a particular feel or highlight the purpose. GoodFirms assessment revealed that 61.5% of website designers claimed that they are currently employing expressive typography.

Flat Design Trend

Flat design is a straightforward web design method that stresses usefulness over aesthetics. Those times of website designers using flashy designs and aesthetic features are long gone. 88.5% of website designers now claim Flat design as the sectors widely used and best-known trend.

Web Design For E-commerce Sites

Web design that targets revenue generation is crucial for e-commerce websites. Following are several e-commerce store design statistics.

Enlarged Images

Meero predicts that an enlarged product image can boost sales revenue by 9%. Although a large size is preferable, ensure that the picture quality is maintained when an image is enlarged.

Image Quality

Consumers want to carefully inspect the items in their cart before making an online purchase. Hence, the visual quality is the most crucial consideration. Meero claims that 90% of consumers prefer high-quality photos when buying products online.


Many users wish the website to be easy to navigate regarding e-commerce web design. User-friendliness was cited by 60% of respondents as being the most significant aspect of website design regarding e-shopping. Web designers must focus on effective UI and UX design.

Color Impact

For instance, the color of a buy icon can significantly influence sales. CXL showed that red buy icons could improve conversion rates and sales by up to 34% on e-commerce sites.

Important Web Design Elements

The customers on-page experience is everything in terms of web design. Following are the statistics related to crucial web design elements:

Logo Design

Web surfers are aware of logo design as a crucial branding component. An eye-tracking study revealed that users take approximately 6 seconds to glance at a logo before scrolling past it.

Navigation Bar

Ensure that the websites navigation bar is attractive and functional, as the study revealed that users scan the navigation bar for 6 seconds approx.

Webpages Left Side

NNGroup showed that audiences spend 80% time browsing content on the left side of the webpage. The websites content placement differentiates between a profitable and failed business. Hence, crucial details must be mentioned in this noticeable area.

Bold Content

Bold content is effective. 95% of the audience will read the entire introduction or part if it is in bold text. Most web pages have an introduction paragraph or header; making it bold and huge can help catch the viewers interest.


Substituting images and infographics for text is beneficial. As per CXL, users are more attentive to visuals over text for an additional half a second.


Users cannot scroll past the fold on a screen without it being visible to them first. Website users spend 57% time above the fold, as per NNGroup.

Website Speed

85% of websites take longer than 5 seconds to load. Google may advise that websites load in five seconds or less, but studies revealed that the actual threshold is three seconds approx. In 2022, a performance-optimized website might significantly stand out in its niche.

50% of users will reload a website if it lasts three seconds. 22% of users will quit the webpage, and 14% will visit an alternative website if the reload doesnt improve the experience.

70% of customers claim that slow-loading websites make them less likely to purchase from a business. Web designers must consider optimizing loading speed to boost sales.

If less content results in a quicker loading speed, more than 50% of customers would prefer it. Upon asking the audience what they can compromise in exchange for a website that loads faster, users stated that:

  • 24.1% would give up pictures.

  • 52.8% would give up videos.

  • 56.6% would abandon animations.

Although some audiences were content with fewer pictures, they seemed to value pictures over videos and animations. Web designers must consider it while deciding which content to use in the design.

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