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Custom Web Design Vs. Template Websites: What’s Right For Your Business?

Your businesss website is the first interaction that your client has with you. A good and well-maintained website can take your business to new heights, while a boring and outdated one can become a hurdle in the path to your success.

So before choosing either web design or template websites to make your website, always go through all your options and make a firm and intelligent decision.

Both the options have their pros and cons, but the decision is to be made by you. As an owner or manager, you must realize whats best for your business and what you want to achieve through your website.

Lets discuss the pros and cons of both pathways.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Web Design

Making your website by web designers or web design companies means you get your website made from scratch. You provide them with all the details, instructions, and pointers, and they will make your website accordingly. Now, this path has certain pros and cons.

Let us take you through each of them individually.


A Web-Designed Website Is Distinctive And Unique

This advantage is quite evident and big. A website made by web designers is bound to be unique since it is made from the root level. It stands out from all the other websites out there. And rightly so. You want your website to be more different and engaging. Your customers shouldnt feel restricted when they browse through your website.

Web Design Gives You More Room For Creativity

Web designing, unlike template websites, doesnt put you in a box. It gives you a room full of options and creative ideas. Getting your website custom-designed will let you express your brand and motive to the fullest.

A well-reputed and experienced Web-design company will understand your business and ideas and put them on your website.

It Gives You The Upper Hand And More Control

One major and evident advantage of getting your website custom designed is the upper hand that you get. You can put in numerous pictures and designs, add as many reviews as you want, and much more. You can even move the menu, pages, and headings. In short, you have complete control of how your website functions.

In a template design, your options become more limited. There is only so much that you can change from the original template design.

You Can Update Your Website Whenever You Want

As time changes and things become more advanced, so should your website. The key to success is to go with the flow and keep your company and website as updated and maintained as possible.

Custom Web Designing gives you this edge, you have ownership of the website, and you can add and remove whatever content you like or dislike whenever you want. This positively impacts the clients as well, who always go for companies that have their websites updated.


Long-Term Investment

Web Designers, and especially web design companies charge a lot, its true. The cost difference between web design and template websites is quite large. When you get your website designed, you have to pay for the tech tools they use, the labor, and the brain.

Since they are up-and-running companies, they will charge you according to their prices and schemes. However, you should consider this money input as an investment more than spending as a well-made and attractive website will bring in more potential clients, and this will pay off in the long run.

It Takes Time To Get The Website Up And Running

Getting a website made from scratch takes time. You cannot get a website made in a week. In some cases, it will take at least a month or even a few months. This is because you first need to give your input on how you want your website to be made.

You need to provide the web design company with all the instructions etc. Next, the company will take time to understand and process everything. Sometimes, you can pay extra to make your website quicker, but it depends on how much you are willing to invest.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Template Websites

Template website design gives you an outline around which to design your website. The layout is there. The headings are there. You need to put in your information. This is a simple yet intelligent way of getting your work done quickly.

There are certain drawbacks and advantages to using template designs for your website. Lets have a look at them.


Takes Less Time And Gets Work Done Quickly

Template website designs offer a quick and easy solution. They have everything in place. You just need to put in and fill in your information. This will take hardly a few days. So if you need a website up and running in no time, then template website design is the way to go. This is especially good for those who have a small business and need a website quickly.


Template websites are very inexpensive when compared to Web design companies. Most of them have a package or monthly fee plan. So if you are on a tight budget, you should go with template website plans.


They Are Very Similar And Monotonous

The major disadvantage of using template websites is that its not very stand-out and unique. Many people and other websites have access to such designs, making your website look similar to theirs.

If you are the owner of a big running business, you might not want to use this option as this wont attract a lot of clients to your website.

There Is Very Limited Room For Changes

A template bounds you to its self-created borders. You dont get the room to add your ideas and plans. There are a few customized options available, but that, too, is only very limited. We recommend you go through the templates available and see how much they have that you want for your website. Look for edit options and browse your options.

You Cant Make Changes And Updates

Another major drawback of template websites is that you cannot make drastic changes to them. If there are some glitches or user functionality has issues, you cant change the entire system like in the web design option. This can affect your companys success and cause you to lose some potential clients.


Choosing between web design and template websites is an uphill task. Both options have their positive points and drawbacks. You need to contemplate your options and resources and then make your decision. There are tons of web design companies out there, like, that will boost your companys success, and on the other hand, hundreds of template websites are also available that can get your work done in no time.

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