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10 UI/UX Design Trends To Look Out For In 2022

UI/UX design is an ever-evolving industry constantly changing with new technologies, trends, and user behavior. What worked before may no longer apply today, forcing designers to advance their skills and knowledge continuously.

UI/UX design has been around for several decades, but it wasnt until recently that it started gaining more popularity among businesses and consumers. As technology has evolved, so have the tools and techniques designers use to create more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Time does fly when youre having funor, in this case, when youre keeping up with the latest design trends! Its important to stay ahead of the curve and know what trends are on the horizon. Here are 10 UI/UX design trends to keep an eye on this year.

  • Advanced Cursor Interactions

    Advanced cursor interactions are becoming a crucial trend in UI/UX design. From adding subtle animations to cursor movements to exaggerated hover states, these interactions add another layer of engagement for users. Advanced cursor interactions also offer new opportunities for creative storytelling and brand expression.

    As technology advances, these interactions also allow for more fluid and natural interactions with interfaces and websites. Designers must keep an eye on this trend to stay current and provide the most intuitive experiences for users. In 2022, even more, developments are in advanced cursor interactions and beyond.

  • Personalized Experiences

    Personalized experiences have become increasingly popular in UI/UX design, which is expected to continue in the coming years. Personalization can involve tailoring a website or app to a specific users preferences, interests, and needs. This can lead to a more positive user experience, as they can easily find the content or products they desire without being inundated with irrelevant information.

    Personalization can also increase customer loyalty and engagement, as users feel that a platform understands their wants and needs. Designers must pay close attention to personalization in the coming year and emphasize methods such as data analysis and A/B testing to achieve a truly personalized user experience.

  • Data Visualization

    Data visualization has been a hot trend for a few years, showing no signs of slowing down. As we collect more data than ever, designers will need to find creative ways to present that data in an easily digestible format. Data visualization is quickly becoming a must-have UI/UX design feature. Its projected that most communication will become visual in the future.

    Data visualization allows for presenting complex information clearly and concisely, improving user understanding and engagement. In addition, it can also enhance a designs overall aesthetic and interactivity. Data visualization techniques range from traditional charts and graphs to creative options like heat maps and timeline infographics. As technology continues to advance and data becomes even more integral to our daily lives

  • Dark Mode

    Well see more creative uses of dark mode in the coming year as designers experiment with different color schemes and typography. Through Dark mode, designers can provide a more cohesive user experience while creating an aesthetic that sets their product apart from the competition.

  • Micro-interactions

    The dark mode was one of the hottest UI/UX trends of 2020, and its not going anywhere. With OLED screens becoming more prevalent, dark mode will help save battery life while providing an immersive user experience.

    Micro-interactions are small but mighty and have only become more important in 2022. These little moments of delight help keep users engaged with your app or website by providing auditory, visual, or haptic feedback. As users become more accustomed to micro-interactions, well see even more creative uses in the coming years.

    Moreover, given their small size and popularity, micro-interactions can be used to improve your design without having to overhaul the whole experience. With creativity, you can use micro-interactions to improve the user experience and set yourself apart from your competitors.

  • New 3D Design Tools

    3D design tools are becoming increasingly popularand for a good reason! They allow designers to create realistic images and prototypes that can be used for testing before going into full production mode. In 2022, we have seen even more creative uses of 3D design tools as designers experiment and push the limits of whats possible.

    Given their popularity, 3D design tools are a great way to bring your products user experience to the next level. By getting creative with these new tools, you can ensure that your product offers the best possible user experience and stands out from the competition.

  • Clean User Interfaces

    In recent years, theres been a shift towards clean user interfaces with minimalistic designs. However, in 2022, we are seeing a change in this trend with a twist. Instead of minimalistic designs, we see more brands taking a bolder approach to their interfaces, with bright colors and dynamic animations.

    This change has been brought about by a few key factors, including the growth in technology available to designers. These tools have allowed designers to experiment with more advanced design techniques, allowing them to create truly one-of-a-kind interfaces.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are rapidly gaining popularityfor a good reason! They have the potential to change the way we interact with computers forever. In 2022, augmented and virtual reality solutions have increasingly integrated into existing mobile experiences. These technologies are giving users new ways of interacting with their surroundings and data and are being more closely integrated with mobile apps and web services.

  • Gaming Experiences

    Gamification is a growing trend in which game-like mechanics are used within non-game contexts such as education, fitness, or productivity apps. This trend is still growing in 2022, when gamification is being used more and more to boost user engagement. With the help of AR and VR, the gaming experience is becoming increasingly immersive and interactive. This trend will continue evolving as these technologies are further developed and more widely accessible.

  • Responsive Designs

    Responsive design has been around for a while, but its still one of the most important UI/UX trends. In a world where people are using an ever-increasing number of devicesfrom smartphones to tablets to laptopsyour website or app must look good on all of them. We can expect responsive design to become even more important in 2022 as we continue moving towards a multi-device world.


Businesses increasingly need well-designed websites and apps that provide positive user experiences to stay ahead of their competition, which means keeping up with the latest UI/UX trends. Thankfully, by being aware of these 10 upcoming trends, youll be one step ahead of the competition! So get started on those designs the future is almost here!

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