Lead Management – Dash Mobile App

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Lead Management – Dash Mobile App

Efficient Lead Management with Advanced Filtering

The second page of the LeadsGo Mobile Application is dedicated to lead management, where you can create, update, and track leads with ease. One of the standout features is the ability to filter leads based on their stage, allowing you to focus on specific subsets of your pipeline. Whether you're dealing with draft leads, sent leads, open leads, or revised leads, LeadsGo offers intuitive filtering options to streamline your workflow and prioritize your efforts.


Detailed Lead Profiles for Informed Decision-Making

When you open a lead in the LeadsGo Mobile Application, you gain access to a wealth of information that empowers you to make informed decisions. Each lead profile includes key details such as email, stage, follow-up date, phone number, and creation date. This comprehensive view of the lead allows you to understand its status and progress through the sales pipeline at a glance, ensuring no opportunity falls through the cracks.

Lead Management – Dash Mobile App
Lead Management – Dash Mobile App

Task Management for Enhanced Productivity

LeadsGo Mobile Application also includes a task management feature that helps you stay organized and productive. Within each lead profile, you can create, assign, and track tasks related to that lead, ensuring timely follow-ups and action steps. With the ability to set due dates and priorities, you can effectively manage your workload and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Activity Tracking for Improved Engagement

Finally, the LeadsGo Mobile Application offers a list of activities associated with each lead, providing valuable insights into interactions and engagements. From emails and calls to meetings and notes, you can track all activities related to a lead in one centralized location. This visibility allows you to gauge the level of engagement and tailor your approach accordingly, ultimately increasing your chances of success.

Lead Management – Dash Mobile App
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