Fleet – Dash SaaS Add-on

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Fleet – Dash SaaS Add-on

Fleet makes it easy to manage Vehicles

Fleet goes beyond simple tracking – it offers deep insights into the maintenance needs of your fleet. With detailed vehicle bookings, comprehensive maintenance schedules, and insights-driven dashboards, you can stay ahead of maintenance requirements and ensure that your vehicles are always in top condition. Whether you're managing a small fleet or a large enterprise-level operation, Fleet provides the tools you need to maximize performance and minimize downtime.


Vehicle Management System

Gone are the days of manual record-keeping and cumbersome spreadsheets. With Fleet, managing your vehicles is a breeze. Keep track of your entire fleet, from the number of vehicles in your inventory to the arrival of new additions. Assign drivers to vehicles with ease, and customize vehicle types to match your unique management system. With Fleet, you can ensure that your resources are allocated efficiently and effectively, saving time and reducing overhead costs.

Fleet – Dash SaaS Add-on
Fleet – Dash SaaS Add-on

Streamlined Booking System

Managing bookings has never been easier than with Fleet. Our intuitive platform allows you to track bookings from start to finish, from initial reservation to final payment. With detailed payment tracking and automated reminders, you can stay on top of your financials and ensure that payments are processed promptly. Plus, with the ability to track pending amounts and monitor payment history, you can maintain accurate records and streamline your billing processes for maximum efficiency.

Maintenance Made Simple

Maintenance is a critical aspect of fleet management, and Fleet makes it simple and straightforward. Our robust maintenance management system allows you to oversee maintenance tasks for your entire fleet, assigning employees, tracking costs, setting priorities, and managing expenses. With Fleet, you can ensure that your vehicles receive the care they need to stay on the road and perform at their best. By minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity, Fleet helps you keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Fleet – Dash SaaS Add-on
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