CMMS – Dash SaaS Add-on

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CMMS – Dash SaaS Add-on

CMMS makes it easy to manage work orders

Workorder Management Solution lets you improve the team’s time while completing the task and reduces the time you use to manage it. It helps you keep an eye on activities and keeps you up to date with all the required information.

  • Easy to manage work orders: This tool gives you a central communication platform where teammates can share updates and documents with ease.
  • Easy to manage work request: This tool gives can manage user work request which is help to communicate with company and easily send to thier work requirement.

Manage Several Locations

CMMS with multiple locations greatly benefit from location management software as it provides centralized control and oversight. It allows businesses to effectively monitor and manage operations across all locations from a single platform.

CMMS – Dash SaaS Add-on
CMMS – Dash SaaS Add-on

The most effective way to manage your preventive maintenance

A preventive maintenance solution makes sure that on an ongoing basis, maintenance can be scheduled automatically for assets, and equipment. It is the easiest way to keep your parts running smoothly and prevent downtime with a proactive schedule of machines.

Component maintenance operations

This report pertains to a singular component and presents essential information regarding the individuals involved in its maintenance, associated documentation, as well as images, including repair manuals and warranties.

CMMS – Dash SaaS Add-on
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  1. by Bonani Phaweni
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    by wKrabit

    This product is fantastic! The team behind it is excellent, and the support they provide is outstanding.

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    the Team deserve 5 Star for following reason;
    1- Customer Support
    2- Feature Availability
    3- Design Quality
    4- Documentation Quality


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