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  • An event calendar is a design pattern that allows the user to select a date. The dates are not presented as a traditional list that a user scrolls through, or as input fields where the user enters numbers, but rather as a visual representation of a monthly calendar.
  • Users are impatient creatures: anything that may seem like an inefficient course of action to achieve the goals they have they will regard as suboptimal and take a dim view of.
  • Allowing users to select a date from a list—rather than input the information manually— saves them time and effort. A user might be trying to submit a date, track an order, arrange content according to a specific range of dates, or filter results.

Event Calendar

Event calendars are at their best when the user is entering dates in the near future or past; when dealing with information far in the past or future, users have to flick through all the different pages in the event calendar before they reach the desired date or date range. For example, if the users are trying to enter birthdates, they would have to make many movements through the calendar and the process would take longer as the age increased, which is in no way ideal for older users (not to mention the added downer for many of them in getting a protracted visual showing just how old they are!).

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