Khalti – BookingGo SaaS Add-on

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API Key Settings Page for Khalti Integration

Khalti simpliConfiguring Khalti integration has never been easier. With our intuitive API Key settings page, you can seamlessly set up and manage your Khalti integration to ensure a smooth and secure payment process.ies transactions for users of varying technical expertise. Khalti employs robust security protocols and encryption techniques, ensuring the safety of users financial data during transactions. Khalti payment offers a comprehensive solution with convenience, security, accessibility, and financial management features, making it an attractive choice for users looking for a versatile and secure platform for their everyday transactions.

Khalti – BookingGo SaaS Add-on
Khalti – BookingGo SaaS Add-on

Appointment & Plan Payments using Khalti Payment

Streamline your appointment scheduling and payment process with electronic appointment generation, plan payment,This version maintains the focus on the convenience and security provided by the Khalti Payment platform for appointments.and plan payments.

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