Google Meet – BookingGo SaaS Add-on

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Seamless Scheduling and Management

With Google Meet Integration, scheduling virtual meetings becomes a hassle-free experience. BookingGo SaaS users can create and manage Google Meet sessions directly from their dashboard. When a meeting is scheduled, a unique Google Meet link is automatically generated and sent to participants, ensuring everyone has access to the virtual meeting space. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual entry and coordination, reducing the risk of errors and missed appointments.

Google Meet – BookingGo SaaS Add-on
Google Meet – BookingGo SaaS Add-on

Seamless Appointment Management with Virtual Meetings

Enhance your appointment booking experience with BookingGo SaaS by integrating Google Meet. Easily schedule and manage virtual meetings directly within the platform, ensuring efficient communication between clients and staff members.

Streamlined Virtual Meeting Setup

Enable Google Meet during the payment process to effortlessly generate meeting links. Clients receive these links via email, facilitating smooth and convenient virtual consultations with their chosen staff members.

Google Meet – BookingGo SaaS Add-on
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  1. for code quality
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    Really useful !


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