Payment Gateway YooKassa -

Payment Gateway YooKassa

Supported Countries: Russia

Supported Currencies: Russian Ruble (RUB)

The YooKassa Add-on enhances the WorkDo Dash SaaS platform by providing a secure and user-friendly payment gateway. With YooKassa, your customers can make online payments using familiar methods, ensuring a seamless and convenient transaction experience.


  • Familiar Payment Methods: YooKassa supports a range of familiar payment methods, including cards, e-wallets, and online banking logins. This familiarity simplifies the payment process for your customers.
  • Customizable Options: If payment details aren’t already filled out, customers have the flexibility to enter their card number, e-wallet information, online bank login, and even the email address for receiving the payment receipt.
  • Secure Transactions: YooKassa ensures the security of online transactions by utilizing robust encryption and authentication protocols, safeguarding sensitive payment information.

How to Access the YooKassa Add-on?

  • Visit the WorkDo Dash website: Go to to access the WorkDo Dash platform.
  • Navigate to Dash SaaS Add-ons: Explore the “Dash SaaS Add-ons” section on the website to discover available Add-ons.
  • Discover YooKassa: Browse the list of available Add-ons and find the “YooKassa Add-on”.
  • Activate the Add-on: Click the “Activate” button next to the YooKassa Add-on to enable it for your WorkDo Dash account.

Super Admin Settings (Plan Purchase by the Company):

The “Super Admin Settings” are typically accessible to the highest-level administrator or super administrator within a software platform or system. These settings allow the super admin to manage various aspects of the company’s usage and subscription plans. This may include:

  • Purchasing or upgrading subscription plans for the entire company.

Here, you can manage the payment gateway keys from the “Settings” of the Super Admin Login.


Company Settings (Invoices, Retainer, etc. Payment):

“Company Settings” in the context of invoices, retainers, and payments refer to the configuration options available to a company or organization for managing financial transactions. These settings may include:

  • Configuring invoice templates and customization options.
  • Setting up payment gateways for accepting payments from clients or customers.
  • Defining retainer or deposit policies for services or products.
  • Managing tax settings and compliance.
  • Setting payment terms and conditions.
  • And many more…

Here, you can manage the payment gateway keys from the “System Settings” under “Settings” of the Company Login.


How to Generate Key?

Follow these simple steps to seamlessly integrate the YooKassa Payment Gateway into your (Product Name) platform:

1. Access YooKassa Resources:

  • Log in to your (Product Name) account as an administrator.
  • Navigate to the settings page.
  • Click on the provided link to access the YooKassa dashboard:

2. Obtain API Key:

3. Configure YooKassa in (Product Name):

  • Within the settings page, locate and select the “Payment Settings” option.

4. Navigate to Payment Settings:

  • Scroll down until you find the “Payment Settings” section and click on it.

5. Set Up YooKassa Gateway:

  • Keep scrolling until you find the “YooKassa Payment Gateway” option.
  • Click on the YooKassa Payment Gateway to access its configuration settings.

6. Provide Essential Details:

Within the YooKassa settings, enter the following key details:

  • Shop ID Key: Enter your YooKassa Shop ID Key.
  • Secret Key: Input the Secret Key associated with your YooKassa account.


7. Save and Activate:

  • Save the entered details to activate the YooKassa Payment Gateway within your (Product Name) platform.

By completing these steps, you will have successfully logged in to YooKassa, generated the API key, and smoothly configured the YooKassa Gateway for use within your (Product Name) environment. This setup enables you to securely accept online payments using Russian Rubles (RUB) and offers a convenient payment solution for customers in Russia. If you have any inquiries or require further assistance, our dedicated customer support team is available to guide you through the process.

Note: The YooKassa Add-on is a paid feature and is accessible only to users who have purchased it. To provide your customers with a seamless and secure online payment experience, ensure that you have the appropriate access and credentials.

By integrating the YooKassa Add-on into your WorkDo Dash SaaS account, you’ll empower your customers to make payments using their preferred methods, ensuring a convenient and reliable transaction process.

For further assistance or inquiries regarding the YooKassa Add-on, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.

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