eCommerceGo SaaS - Product Features -

eCommerceGo SaaS – Product Features

1. Dashboard

  • Dashboard
  • Store Analytics


  • Total Products.
  • Total Sales. (List of top 5 products on sale.)
  • Total Orders.
  • Total Cancelled Orders.
  • Total Refund Orders.
  • Total Revenues.
  • Latest Products. (List of Recent Top 5 Products.)
  • Recent Orders
  • Top Selling Products. (Latest Top 5 Products)

Store Analytics

  • Visitor.
  • Top URL.
  • Platform.
  • Device.
  • Browser.

2. Add-On Themes

  • Add new themes: 35 free themes

3. Add-On Apps

4. Staff

  • Roles & Permissions.
  • Users.
    1. Roles:
      1. Roles and permissions.
    2. Users:
      1. User log.
      2. Reset Password.

5. Store Settings

Store Settings.

  • Store Name
  • Store Logo
  • Invoice Logo
  • Store Favicon
  • Delete Store

SEO Settings.

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Image

Custom Settings.

  • Store Link
  • Domain
  • Sub Domain
  • Store Custom Js
  • Store Custom Css

Checkout Settings.

  • Additional Notes.
  • Is check out Login required. (Enable or Disable Button.)

Shipping Label Settings.

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZipCode
  • Country

Home Page Content.

  • Home Header (On-Off Button.)
  • Label Text
  • Support Label
  • Support Text
  • Offer Text
  • Label Text
  • Title Text
  • Sub Text
  • Button Text
  • Offer Icon

Order Complete Settings.

  • Title
  • Settings

6. Products

  • Product
  • Attributes
  • Reviews
  • Question Answers
  • Category
  • Tax

7. Shipping

Shipping Class

Shipping Zone

  • Shipping Class.
    1. Create a Class according to the product.
  • Shipping Zone.
  • Shipping Methods:
    1. 1.Flat Rate.
    2. 2.Free Shipping.
    3. 3.Local Pickup.
  • Calculation Types:
    1. Flat Rate: Per Class/ Per Order.
    2. Free Shipping: Select the free shipping order requires, N/A, A valid free shipping
      coupon, A minimum order amount, A minimum amount OR a coupon, A minimum amount AND a coupon.
    3. Local Pickup: Enter the Cost Amount.

8. Orders


Order Refund Requests.

  • Orders.
    1. Shipping Information
    2. Billing Information
    3. Items from different orders
    4. Create Order Notes
    5. Export Option
    6. Print Option
  • Orders.
    1. Shipping Information
    2. Billing Information
    3. Items from different orders
    4. Order Refund Information

9. Customers.

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Customer Timeline
  • Total Spend
  • Total Orders
  • Last Login Date
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Add to Cart
  • Delete Wishlist

10. Reports.

  • Customer Reports.
  • Order Reports.
  • Stock Reports.
    • Customers Reports.

      • Export Customer Report per Year
      • Customer Report of Last Month
      • Customer Report of This Month
      • Customer Report of Last 7 Days
      • Pie Chart of Customer vs. Guest
      • Bar Graph of Customer vs. Guest

      Order Reports.

      • Sales Report.
        1. Gross Sales in this Period
        2. Net Sales in this Period
        3. Total Orders
        4. Total Purchased Items
        5. Total Shipping Charge
        6. Total Worth of Coupons Used
        7. Bar Graph of Gross Sale Vs. Net Sale
        8. Bar Graph Representing Order Analytics Visualization
      • Sales Product Report.
        1. Total Net Sale
        2. Total Purchased Items
        3. Product Sales Summary
      • Sales Category Report.
        1. Number of Sales as per particular category.
        2. A bar graph representing category sales summary.
      • Sales Downloadable Report.
        1. All the details of sales downloadable products.

      Stock Reports.

      • Low in Stock.
      • Out of Stock.
      • Most Stocked.

11. Marketing.

  • Coupon
  • Newsletter
  • Flash Sale
  • Wishlist
  • Abandon Cart
    • Coupon
      1. Name
      2. Type: Percentage, Flat, Fixed Product Discount
      3. Minimum Spend
      4. Maximum Spend
      5. Discount Amount
      6. Discount Limit
      7. Usage limit per user
      8. Expiry Date
      9. Manual and Auto Generate buttons to generate the code
      10. Enable or Disable the Status, exclude Sale item, or Free Shipping Status
    • Newsletter
      1. View the list of Newsletters.
    • Flash Sale
      1. Name
      2. Start Date
      3. End Date
      4. Start Time
      5. End Time
      6. Discount type
      7. Discount Amount
      8. “Is” and “Is not” options for Shop, Product, and Categories
      9. Options for Product Price: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is greater than, Is less than, Is greater
        or equal to, and Is less or equal to
    • Wishlist
      1. Send WhatsApp Messages, and Emails regarding wishlists to your customers.
    • Abandon Cart.
      1. Send WhatsApp Messages, and Emails regarding Abandon Cart to your customers.

12. WooCommerce.

  • Main Category.
  • Product.
  • Customers.
  • Coupon.
  • Synchronize the main categories, products, customers, and coupons of Shopify to eCommerceGo with ease.

13. Support Ticket.

Give replies to the support tickets sent by the customers, and delete them whenever you want.

14. Support Ticket.

Give replies to the support tickets sent by the customers, and delete them whenever you want.

15. POS.

Search the products of different categories, and view the bills of different customers.

16. CMS

  • Custom pages.
  • Blogs.
  • FAQs
  • Contact Us.
    • Custom Pages.
    • Add, or edit the custom pages whenever you want. You can also generate it with the help of AI.

    • Blogs.
    • Add, edit, or delete the blogs at your convenience. You can also generate it with the help of AI.

    • FAQs
    • Add, edit, or delete the FAQs with ease. You can also generate it with the help of AI.

    • Contact Us.
    • Edit or delete the Contact Us details easily. You can also generate it with the help of AI.

17. Plans.

  • Subscribe to the plans and send the plan requests whenever you want.

18. Settings.

  • Email Settings.
  • Edit the mail credentials and save them whenever it is needed.

  • Payment Settings.
  • Edit the Payment Settings like replacing the keys or changing the images.

  • Brand Settings.
  • Customize the brand settings like logos, title text, footer text, etc.

  • Stock Settings.
  • Change the stock settings like a number of out-of-stock products, and low stock thresholds, which will be
    visible to customers on the front end.

  • Refund Settings.
  • Edit the refund settings whenever you want.

  • Loyalty Programs.
  • Change the loyalty program settings and remember to save them.

  • Pixel Settings.
  • Edit or delete the pixel settings whenever you want.

  • PWA Settings.
  • Change the PWA settings, and save the changes.

  • WooCommerce Settings.
  • Edit the WooCommerce settings like Store URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret Key whenever you want.

  • Shopify Settings.
  • Edit and save the Shopify Settings, like Shopify store URL, and Shopify access token at your convenience.

  • WhatsApp Settings.
  • You can change the WhatsApp Contact number whenever you want.

  • WhatsApp Message Settings.
  • Change and save the WhatsApp Message Settings.

  • Twilio Settings.
  • Edit and Save the Twilio Settings.

  • Email Notification Settings.
  • Enable or Disable the Email Notifications of your choice.

  • WhatsApp Business API.
  • Edit and Save the WhatsApp Business API Settings with ease.

  • Webhook Settings.
  • Edit or delete the Webhook Settings easily.

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