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When is ERP “More than ERP,” and Why Does that Matter to Your Business?

ERP system or Enterprise resource planning software is used by businesses to attain optimal performance. The software streamlines the company’s departments on a single platform that others can access at the same time. The supply chains, finances, accounts, inventory, human resources, sales purchases, and all other departments are integrated into a single platform. The accuracy and free flow of information make handling business administrative tasks easy.

ERP helps companies not only carry out their tasks efficiently but also helps them to grow. It is software that is alert and superefficient in carrying out business duties to help the organization’s expansion and smooth running. This is when ERP becomes more than ERP and matters to businesses immensely.

ERP Systems Of Today

In earlier times, ERP systems were expensive and complex systems to work on. ERP systems of today are easier to build and the fluid system on which most of the company’s operations are carried out. Connecting all data in a consolidated form provides insights for the optimal performance of the entire business.

Modern ERP solutions have improved accuracy, security of the data as well as sustainability, and easy forms of customization. The e-commerce tools are flexible and built as per requirement, suited to the firm’s budget and needs.

Importance Of ERP For Businesses Today

Businesses can benefit from ERP solutions to a great extent, depending on how they use them, and keep every department in the loop. If the system is used to its utmost, ERP solutions can give great outcomes.

ERP systems provide insights and reports that give valuable information to make decisions quickly and reveal expected results from the steps to be taken. The system accelerates the actions taken by the employees due to corresponding data available throughout the firm. The actions can be taken quickly without waiting for the emails or reports from one company segment to another.

The ERP systems are made with the quality to aid in the growth of business and grow along with it. It is always alert to notify any changes in the market and take measures proactively.

When Should Businesses Implement An ERP System?

It is not always easy to take a step back from the system that has been in action for decades. The businesses have flourished working on them, leaving one wondering if it is right to switch to modern work and if it will benefit them. Some signs that show the need for ERP software are as follows.

  • The growth is stagnant. This is hard to recognize when the firms are working just well with the basic tools but having trouble expanding the markets and growing globally. ERP systems are flexible and focus on growth by taking important measures
  • As technology continues to change, the old systems often don’t work as well with each other. For example, the new software might not support the old one, so transferring the data becomes a task. ERP systems have all parts integrated, and data is secured and available for many purposes in a single place.
  • The requirements of customers, staff, business partners, etc., can be fulfilled with a single application. The staff has all the tools needed to follow up on customers and cater to their orders while giving the business a competitive edge over others for effectively dealing with the client.

Challenges Of Implementing ERP For Businesses

Today there are countless options for selecting ERP systems. But changing how business is carried out and installing software that will take charge of administrative processes is not so easy. There are challenges faced by the companies which can be overcome with ease.

Choosing the correct ERP system is essential. It takes over the most critical business tasks and places them in single software to allow everyone to use the data available.

ERP systems are purchased to suit business requirements. One does not have to purchase all the modules offered but carefully select the ones the firm needs. Software companies like Workdo.io customize software and offer a free demo on their websites. Such companies help set up the system and keep the client in the loop to make the best use of the software. Their product, ERPGo, is globally used and has many satisfied clients.

New technologies can be integrated into the ERP software, which provides specialized services for a certain department. The unified system remains intact, along with the addition of innovations.

Factors To Consider When Implementing ERP

Some important factors to look for when implementing ERP solutions are as follows.

  • Mobility: The world is becoming a global village, and about one-third of the workers are working remotely. The most common device workers will use will be smartphones, so the solution applied must support its use for work.

  • Cost of IT: The company’s budget spent on the sustenance of the IT department and maintenance of data center operations will be huge. The company must have the budget to overcome such inefficiencies.

  • Access to Data: The availability of data is not the same for all employees due to security or privacy concerns. Access to some of the information can make it a problem for the employees to work together, who struggle to get full access to necessary data. Access to reports and visually-aided information display will also be given to those working outside organizations, which will pose security concerns for the company.

  • Simplified use of the system: In the modern era, various devices can be available to work from. An employee may have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The system’s availability on all devices for easy access and use will help make full use of the ERP system.


The use of an ERP system can surpass the expectations of a company. Where digital shift is a critical change for any business setup, most chances are that they are most likely to benefit from it in the long run. The changes in a working environment with the latest technologies have seen businesses thrive and prosper.

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