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How Promo Codes Work

When a customer enters a valid promo code at checkout, the discount associated with that code is applied to their total order amount. This encourages customers to complete their purchases by providing them with a valuable incentive. For businesses, promo codes serve as a powerful marketing tool, allowing them to run targeted campaigns, reward loyal customers, and drive sales for specific products or services.

Promo Codes – BookingGo SaaS Add-on
Promo Codes – BookingGo SaaS Add-on

Generating Promo Codes

Businesses can easily generate promo codes within the Bookinggo SaaS platform. They have the flexibility to create unique codes with customizable parameters such as discount percentage, flat rate, validity period, and usage limits. This empowers businesses to tailor their promotions to align with their marketing objectives and target audience preferences.

Commission Structure

One of the key benefits of the promo code module is its commission structure. When a customer uses a promo code provided by a partner or affiliate, the partner earns a commission on the sale. This incentivizes partners to promote the business and drive traffic to the platform, resulting in mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to revenue growth.

Promo Codes – BookingGo SaaS Add-on
Promo Codes – BookingGo SaaS Add-on

Maximizing Revenue Opportunities

By leveraging the promo code module effectively, businesses can maximize revenue opportunities and expand their customer base. Whether it's through affiliate partnerships, targeted marketing campaigns, or customer loyalty programs, promo codes offer a versatile and impactful way to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and foster long-term customer relationships. With Bookinggo SaaS, businesses have the tools they need to unlock the full potential of promo code marketing and achieve their growth objectives.

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