Massive Impact Of Digital Transformation On Business -

Massive Impact Of Digital Transformation On Business

Digital transformation makes use of technology to aid the evolution of business operations. It is used to make changes to processes, business culture, and infrastructure. This helps a business adapt better to new customer demands and the digital economy.

Transformation is a matrix that affects and improves all business departments like human resources, marketing, product, customer service, finance, sales, etc. Any changes are geared towards improving brand/business interaction with clients.

Better customer experience or CX helps the organization stand out and gain a competitive advantage. Even though digital transformation focuses on customers, it impacts the business itself. A good strategy should help increase profit, revenue, and market share.

This guide will look at the stories of 5 major companies that used digital transformations to generate amazing results and more. Let’s get started!

What Are The Top 5 Business Digital Transformations?

Let us look at 5 examples of successful business transformations with statistics below:


Hasbro makes games and toys and has around 5,500 workers that help generate an average revenue of $4 billion yearly. Hasbro made a switch in 2012 by focusing marketing campaigns on parents instead of children.

This change was channeled by huge data-driven campaigns launched via social media. The presented data helped with parent understanding, so the most suitable games could be suggested for their kids. This led to massive profits through several channels.

  • Marketing expenses were raised by 10 times.
  • Sales grew by $1 billion.
  • The share price rose from 36 to 109 US dollars.


Target is one of the 10 biggest retailers in the United States. They have around 300k employees. Target introduced online purchasing and set up a marketing campaign to drive sales.

Physical stores were revamped so that customers could find products more easily when they made use of online ordering.

  • This digital transformation was launched in 2006.
  • The stock price rose from 53 to 88 US dollars.
  • Revenue grew by 6 billion US dollars.


This Fortune 100 manufacturer is part of several industries like technology building and aerospace. The company began its digital transformation by reducing work hours from 8 to 6. This was done to improve quality and aid digital strategy applications.

A digital transformation group that aided innovations like advanced industrial process control, IoT-connected devices and data-driven product offerings was launched. Client data was analyzed thoroughly to improve products, aid customer decisions, and make manufacturing super efficient.

  • Revenue rose from 40 to 43 billion US dollars in 2018.
  • The share price rose from 95 to 174 US dollars.


Microsoft is the largest and most popular software company. It has around 166k employees. They began with a brand new digital strategy as they were faced with competition from Google, Amazon, and Apple. They focused on cloud computing to ease technological access for large companies and individuals.

Microsoft Azure was launched as the 2nd largest cloud provider. Its market standing was reinforced by partnering with other technology giants like Oracle, SAP, and VMware.

  • The share price rose from 38 to 136 US dollars in 2014.
  • Market capitalization stands at over 1 trillion US dollars now.

Home Depot

As a home improvement retailer with more than 400k employees, the organization started working towards providing eCommerce in 2017. They planned to tie this closely with physical stores.

A group of 1000 employees with customer experience and digital skills was used to reinforce the IT department. They helped gather customer data and analyze it carefully. This data was then used to save money through predictive analysis of local inventories and other strategies.

  • The stock price rose from 135 to 215 US dollars.
  • Revenue grew to a whopping 17 billion US dollars.

How Is Digital Transformation Used To Channel Business Growth?

Let us now look at multiple ways digital transformations have brought success to organizations/companies:

Improved Decision-Making

Digitization and advancements in technology help companies make the correct decisions faster. This is done by making use of machine learning and data analytics so historical data can be used to predict future business outcomes. Making use of data as insight can help bring in tons of success.

Offering A Convenient Digital Experience

The modern age has made customers used to convenient and seamless digital experiences. They expect similar digitization from companies and workplaces.

Therefore, organizations that offer Agile IT services and respond to customers fast are bound to succeed. Companies must focus on digital service security, performance, and customer experience to match the demands of this technological era.

Better Pricing And Inventory Management

Strategic pricing and categorized inventories are achieved by digitizing the supply chain. Retailers can better understand customer demands and adjust the inventory accordingly. Excess items and overpricing of popular ones are eradicated.

Boosts Employee Productivity

Talent shortages in technical roles are quite common. Digital transformations boost existing employees’ productivity by simplifying their job and encouraging workplace communication.

Some companies even make use of self-service IT portals to allow employees to access software licenses and customer support without having to reach out to the help desk. This way, the load on IT staff is reduced, and employee satisfaction increases.

Customer Experience Personalization

Improved customer experience is the key to increased revenue generated from digital transformations.

Personalized recommendations, categories, etc., may be used to improve customer experience. These are generated using client history and past purchases/orders. Personalization is the best way a company can sell products faster and provide better customer service.

What Are The Best Practices For Digital Transformations?

  • Make use of solid infrastructure so they can be easily expanded. These include investing in SaaS for legacy apps, monolithic application transformation into microservices, migrating to cloud services, and hiring new developers/data scientists for the team.
  • Understand employee workflow to ensure everyone is engaged in development and designing to boost productivity.
  • Utilizing Agile development methods helps update digital strategy to prevent competition and challenges. Iterate products to get fast feedback and encourage employees to be a part of controlled risks.
  • Encourage customer data collection through IT systems, internet of things (IoT) devices, customer feedback, and other sources. Provide employees with resources and time to analyze this data to develop insights that can be used as a guide.
  • Use customer data to respond to customers promptly, adjust to market changes, drive automation and boost personalization/business decisions in real time.


As a business, it is important to know that digital transformation success is highly dependent on strategies/processes that encourage teamwork and fast responses. Not only can your company profit from a digital transformation, but you can also easily end up giving tough competition to others in your target market.

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