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Everything About Digital Product Design

A digital product consisting of mobile applications, websites, or new software is an essential part of many businesses running successfully today. The design of each […]

A digital product consisting of mobile applications, websites, or new software is an essential part of many businesses running successfully today. The design of each product needs to be user-friendly and provides a user experience that is appreciated by the people that put them to use. Every digital product designer must know all the design elements; that help them achieve a final design that makes their product proudly stand apart from its competitors. You need a product designer such as Workdo.io to help you achieve your goals.

Types Of Digital Product Designs

There are various factors that help achieve these goals. By knowing them, you can also have a better understanding of how you want your designers to approach the project you will be taking to them.

  • System-Based Product Design

    First, you need to understand a system design that focuses on the problem-solving of the product at a higher level. Lets say you have decided to build an app for a laundromat, and you need to first consider the problems you will be tackling. This includes getting the laundry picked up, the time required to get it cleaned, and then delivering it back to the owner.

    System designs create the perfect balance between the service provider and the customers, providing them with the convenience of providing and receiving the service. It will also help determine the pricing factor of the app, the app delivery, and the required app feature. Before placing your order for the app, do take into the system design factors.

  • Process-Based Product Design

    Secondly, we have process design, which focuses on determining the steps required that the end user will require to get through the app to the final step. Again, it is essential for the designer to keep the service provider and users convenience in mind.

    The laundry service providers app will require processes that include selecting the number of clothes being given, selecting the required service, the checkout process, and more. How these processes will be shown and how the service provider will keep track of the orders is the part that will be determined in this step. These include how the payment will be processed and whether the customer will be paying cash upon delivery or just paying through their card.

    These processes need to be thoroughly thought out. No one needs the orders mixed up or any problem arising with the final product design. It is always advised to choose the simplest processes to keep the costs down and provide an excellent user experience.

  • Interface-Based Product Design

    Reaching the third step, we get into the details from here and figure out and take the weeds out. Now you start focusing on the apps, usability, their ability to capture the users, and especially an eye-capturing interface.

    The laundry services app needs a simple design with attractive fonts, which flows through the steps so that the customers can keep up with their orders. The interface is simple for customers and helps keep the service providers on top of the order received, in-process, and delivered.

    These also factor in the app cost and the making time. You will have to talk to the software productdesigned to help you understand the processes and how they will be beneficial to you.

The Product Design Process

The entire production process starts with empathizing with future users and thinking through their perspectives. Struggles users will face, and how you can make their life easier. This includes researching the customer intel and interviewing the clients, which gives a better insight to the developers. Next, you need to identify and define the struggles and scope of the solution your app is providing to the users.

Once your research is complete, you need to start building on the idea. Here, you take into account the various angles from which the problem can be handled and which one is the best for your customers. Testing your ideas is essential before making the app available to the masses. A prototype should be built where the entire idea is tested, and all problems and further development are also considered.

The final testing of your prototype is the final step in the entire process. The reaction of the users after their interaction is considered. The information you gather here will help refine the entire product and any features that need to be rethought. Once the product is bug- and problem-free, you are ready to release it to the world.

What Should Be Discussed With A Product Designer?

When selecting a software product designer, you need to discuss with the people before hiring them. This will give you an insight into whether they align with your ideas. Also, discuss a price quote beforehand to create a budget that can also take any hits in between.

You need to discuss the authenticity of your product design and whether your idea is clear or needs more clarity. This gives you a better understanding of whether your idea needs further work or not. The unique experience your app would provide your users which would set you apart from the competitors. Any insight the designers have for you that you may have overlooked since you dont come from a design background.

Find one feature of your design that will work as your USP. It will help guide you on which route to build on and capture the market share. From there, how you will solve the problems and make the interactions exceptional for users.


Understanding digital product design and its components are essential to building a product that helps you gain a good market share. You need to find a product designer who will understand your pain points. They will guide you and ensure they deliver something worth your while.

You shouldnt leave everything up to the designer without understanding the work yourself. If you dont find a trustable app developer, they will try to take advantage of you.

Hiring the right experienced and renowned software product designers will meet your ideas and add to them in their capacity.

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