How to Find the Fastest WordPress Hosting (and Make Your Site Faster)? -

How to Find the Fastest WordPress Hosting (and Make Your Site Faster)?

You will click away if you visit a website that takes longer to load. Nobody has time to wait for a website to load. With much better website performance, this is where your competitor gets a plus point and wins a visitor. Losing potential customers just because of the slow loading time is a bad bargain. So, having a fast WordPress website is important, and it depends on your hosting provider.

This article gathers information about finding the fastest WordPress hosting to make your WordPress website faster.

Why Does Having A Fast Website Matter?

Slow websites can be a nuisance to visitors and the website owner. Your WordPress website needs to load faster because of the following reasons:

  • A websites loading speed affects the bounce rate. People tend to leave your page if the load time exceeds three to five seconds.

  • Fast Websites Convert Customers. People tend to go through products on your website to make a move towards buying. If the processing speed is low, it means sales are going to drop.

  • Website speed has a great impact on the SEO factor. You might drop the ranking if it does not appear in the search engines for relevant keywords.

  • Once a visitor drifts away, the probability of returning to your website is very low. Nobody will return if your lagging website causes annoyance on the first visit.

Best website hosting services can help you get rid of slow websites and retain your customers. Keep reading to know what you should consider while looking for the best WordPress website hosting.

Finding Best WordPress Website Hosting

Finding the best WordPress website hosting provider who promises improved speeds is easy if you know what you are looking for. To do this, keep in consideration the following points:

Be Aware Of Your Speed Needs

The requirements for a website getting just a few hundred visitors a month differ from a media website getting huge traffic daily. So, the same hosting plan is never going to work for both. Analyze the needs of your website before looking for hosting services. You can follow this checklist:

  • How many pages will the website have?

  • How many videos, animations, and graphics do you want to add to your website?

  • Are you selling the products through your website?

  • How often will you add content to it?

  • How much traffic do you require and expect?

Look For The Best Hosting Plan

Hosting service providers have different plans that are suitable for different websites. Some common ones are listed below:

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting provides a chunk of the server that is shared with other websites but is sectioned off. This particular hosting is suitable for low-traffic websites.

Cloud Hosting

If your website is supposed to have consistent functionality, remote management, and ensure data safety, then cloud hosting with virtual machine networks is best. It provides scalability and versatility in one place.

Shared Hosting

With shared hosting, the server is shared with other websites. It is the best for small websites with little traffic. However, you need to upgrade your hosting plan if the traffic increases.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server provides all resources to your website. It is best for e-commerce websites to get a lot of traffic.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This hosting can fall into any of the above categories and is suitable for WordPress sites. The web host takes care of the maintenance tasks of your website.

Any of the above hosting plans are suitable for getting a fast WordPress website. Everything depends on the level of traffic and picking the one best for your website. However, if you compromise for shared hosting, you will likely face a fast-load crash.

Understand Your Audiences Location

Suppose most of your audience is in Australia, and your service provider is physically in the United States. In that case, your Australian users will face a slower loading time than anyone trying to access it from the United States.

Choose the web host according to the location of your audience. Check their website for their service location. However, if the hosting service provider has a Cloud Delivery Network (CDN), then location is not needed. CDN can route the sites through data centers worldwide and manage loading time for visitors from different locations.

Learn About Server Hardware

WordPress website performance is greatly dependent on the server hardware. Make sure to get a web-hosting service with a good reputation and up-to-date web server hardware technology. You have to understand it through the structure of their website and the information provided there. With it, you might know how committed they are to state-of-the-art technology.

Moreover, check whether the web hosting service provider uses Hard Disk Drives (HDD) or Solid state drives (SDD). The former has a low level of performance and speed. In contrast, SSD provides high-level applications and fast speed.

Therefore, a basic hosting service provider is best if your website is not complicated and has simple functionality. Otherwise, you should go for the web hosting server using SSD. Also, if you can predict that your website will do great in the future and get a traffic surge, we recommend using a web hosting provider with SSD.

Not All Speed Depends On Hosting!

Though hosting is a crucial factor for a WordPress websites speed, other elements matter too. Here are some of them that you should consider for having a flawless, fast website:

  • Compress the media you use on your website.

  • Only use WordPress-authorised plugins.

  • Turn Browser Caching on.

  • Minimize the redirects.

  • Keep everything up to date.

However, hosting is the primary thing. Despite following the above, if your website is not working properly, it is time to change the hosting plan.


A fast website makes the visitors stay and explore more. Many of them can become your customers. Conversely, if your website is slow, nobody will like to have a hard time and will switch to the competitors one. You can eliminate this problem by choosing the best web hosting servers. All you have to do is understand your website, audience, and location. So, get the best WordPress hosting service today for a hassle-free journey toward growth.

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