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8 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

Every organization starts small and hopes to have a self-sufficient, easily accessible, and developed platform to grow its website. Is your web hosting plan helping you achieve this goal? If not, look at these signs and check if your hosting plan needs to be switched.

The Importance of Upgrading Your Hosting Plan

Using a hosting plan means that many other websites are hosted on the same platform and resources. If one website gets an influx of visitors, the other websites on the same server get devalued. In this case, you will never be able to grow and develop your site.

To avoid this overload on the server, disc space can be expanded, but this can become very costly. Meanwhile, upgrading your hosting plan will allow you to control your website and create your own space by personalizing it.

Following are 8 signs which will help you identify if your hosting plan needs changing:

The Website Becomes Slow

Lets be honest. Nobody likes waiting. A slow website that takes time to load up can be very annoying. Many factors, including the web hosting plan, can affect a websites speed. Visitors tend to leave the website if it takes too much time to show content, meaning fewer people get to avail of the websites features. This is a major drawback to the growth of your website.

Website Crashing

Are you going to launch something new? Is there about to be a sale on your website that you know visitors would go crazy over? This can cause trafficking on the website, and errors may appear when too many people try to visit the website at one time. For instance, flight ticket websites are so frequently visited during holidays that they crash.

This means that your website needs more bandwidth to adjust the traffic. The last thing you want is for you to make your customers or visitors leave your website. Therefore, you will need an upgrade in your hosting plan to handle such traffic.

Expanding Your Online Business

Imagine owning a coffee brand and having a successful website where you plan to launch merch related to it. For this, you would need a better hosting plan that can handle the visitor load.

A good hosting plan will have all your business operations in one place. Make sure they have a product customization request option so you can personalize your website however you like. Also, check for other convenient tools so you can streamline your website as much as you can.

Unsatisfactory Customer Service

As a beginner, you need guidance when facing issues when handling your website. Naturally, you would expect to seek help from your hosting plan. If your current website hosting plan is not of much help, it could be an indication for you to switch to another one.

Safety Issues

When using a shared hosting plan, the security of your website can easily be compromised. If you suspect security breaches in your current hosting plan, a change of services is in order. A trustworthy hosting plan is crucial to secure your website.

You will need to take extra authentication options and steps like adding an account login to access the site and take occasional backups to avoid the risk of hacking or losing your website information or data.

Lack Of Innovative Features

If your current hosting plan lacks the features you need to keep your website up with the competition, it may be time to upgrade it. Website hosting plans that are within most peoples budget have very weak servers or dont have the ability to handle website trafficking.

Even though better hosting plans are expensive, their prices are justified due to what they offer, which makes them valuable. A good web host provides more disk space, is reliable due to strong security, has smooth and steady website speed, and good customer care or support.

Competition In The Market

E-commerce has taken over the internet. Ever since COVID-19, almost every business has switched or started online. This has created a huge market with many competitors, making it challenging to stand out.

If your hosting plan has slow servers or an inability to handle heavy traffic on your website, you will need to upgrade to a more powerful one to make your website a secure and fast-loading one so that it appears to visitors.

Too Much Site Downtime

If your website is not available to visitors or doesnt function well, e.g., it keeps freezing or has slow loading; no one would want to visit your website again. This can be a big disadvantage, possibly because of your hosting plan.

Search engines do not keep such sites at the top of the search results. They are way down where not many people are likely to browse and see what your site has to provide.

Types Of Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting

This is the most used type of web hosting. Beginners often use this with small websites where all the clients share the same server. Disk space, bandwidth, and website speed are all the same for every clients site. It is a cheap hosting plan ideal for those with little experience and a small business. However, this slows down websites due to traffic and is not of great use to bigger business owners.

VPS Hosting

This type of hosting is a bit better than shared hosting. The prices of VPS hosting services are a little higher than shared hosting. However, they are perfect for business owners who have achieved little and are in the middle of the growth process. It is the most stable hosting plan as it is reliable and handles site trafficking.

Dedicated Hosting

This one is quite self-explanatory. You dedicate a completely unshared server that is used for only your website. There are no security issues or sharing of disk space in this hosting, as it is entirely yours. Usually, this hosting plan is used by website/business owners with experience, growth, and recognition.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most recent type of hosting which uses advanced technology. It uses multiple cloud resources instead of one server for the website, which gives greater storage which is why many well-known businesses have switched to it.

Selecting The Right Hosting Plan

Depending on your businesss stage, you can go through the signs and types of hosting plans mentioned above to see where you stand and if you need upgrading. Note the pros and cons of your current hosting plan and decide what needs to be added. This will help your website succeed, so decide wisely on your new hosting plan.

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