vCardGo SaaS - Product Features -

vCardGo SaaS – Product Features


  • Total Business
  • Total Appointments
  • Total Staff
  • Graph Representing the Appointments
  • Bar Graph Representing the Platforms
  • Pie Chart of Browsers used (Last 15 Days)
  • Pie Chart of Devices used (Last 15 Days)
  • Storage Status


1. Create Business.

  • Name your Business, and select a suitable theme according to it.

2. Edit Business.

  1. Replace the Theme
  2. Edit the Business Details
  3. Edit the Custom Domain changes like Business link, Domain, Sub Domain
  4. Change the Blocks
  5. Edit the SEO Settings like Meta Keywords, Google Analytics, Meta Descriptions, Facebook Pixel, and Pixel ID of available Platforms
  6. Copy the Card Link
  7. Business Analytics
  8. Business Calendar
  9. Business Contacts
  10. Delete Business
  11. Download Business
  12. QR Code
  13. Preview Business

3. Business.

  1. Create Business
  2. Copy the Card Link
  3. Business Analytics
  4. Business Calendar
  5. Business Edit
  6. Business Contacts
  7. Delete Business


1. User

  1. Create Users.
  2. View Userlog Details.

2. Role

  1. Enter the name of the roles.
  2. Select the Roles and Permissions.


  1. Calendar of Appointments.
  2. Export the Appointment Details.


  1. Select the Categories from the given list.
  2. Add Notes and Change the Status of Contacts.
  3. Export the Contacts.


  1. Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Calendar.
  2. List of Scheduled Appointments.


  1. Subscribe to the Plans that are suitable for your business.


1. Site Settings.

  • Logo Dark, Logo Light, and Favicon
  • Title Text
  • Time Zone
  • Default Language
  • Enable RTL
  • Theme Customizer
  • Sidebar Settings
  • Layout Settings

2. Google Calendar Settings.

  • Add the Google Calendar ID.
  • Add Google Calendar’s JSON file.

3. Webhook Settings.

  • Edit the Webhook Settings.

4. Email Settings.

  • Mail Driver Key
  • Mail Host
  • Mail Port
  • Mail Username
  • Mail Password
  • Mail Encryption
  • Mail From Address
  • Mail From Name

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