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6 Ways CRM Helps You Grow Your Business

A successful business is likely to have tons of competitors. These are even more likely to increase over time. Therefore, entrepreneurs are running out of creative ideas to expand business growth and reach potential clients. Strong client relationships are key to sustainable, long-term bonds that produce profits.

A Customer Relationship Management or CRM tool is the best way to build strong bonds. This tool is great for learning more about customers and boosting communication, ultimately leading to permanent leads.

CRM software was initially only available for large-scale companies, organizations, and businesses. However, today, these can be accessed by businesses of all levels.

HubSpot, a Real Estate CRM, is the best example of a software marketing automation tool. CRMs can be used in multiple ways to grow your business.

If you are interested in investing in a CRM for your company, you are in the right spot. Today, we shall look at the top 6 ways you can use a CRM for growth. Let’s get started!

Improved Communication

Clients attracted to a business often wish to develop some form of communication. This could be with managers or any relevant employee of the company.

CRM software provides the contact information of all clients so that a business can stay in touch in any form they prefer.

An example is using a Microsoft Outlook CRM to send emails in bulk. Emails could be regarding discounts, special offers, new launches, and other relevant information.

This also makes it easy for customers to reach out with complaints, feedback, or any other queries they may have. Emails can be answered by an email manager or any relevant employee.

Lead Generation

The leading cause of using a Customer Relationship Management tool is to generate leads. New clients are crucial for a business to continue to succeed and grow.

Giving priority to the number of leads you generate over quality customers will leave you disappointed and cause waste of both time and resources. Instead, you should target those who are truly interested in your business and will become loyal supporters

CRM software helps achieve this by generating leads and ensuring you can see which customers are likely to stay. You can deduce what content bears the most fruit and how customers enjoy interacting with your business.

Reports and customer knowledge allow a company to generate better advertising geared toward its target market.

  • Keep notes in your CRM regarding challenges, difficulties, goals, and solutions regarding customer interactions. This way, it becomes easy to pick up a customer interaction where it was left off.
  • Send relevant information, discounts, and promos by analyzing what your customers want. A good idea is to create separate campaigns for first-time buyers and recurring clients.
  • Use email templates, set up phone calls, and talk reminders to connect seamlessly with clients as your customer base expands.

Categorizing Customers

Creating customer categories or segments allows you to identify separate customer bases within your business. These categories are created based on similar customer interests and interaction levels.

Segmentation allows a company to interact with customers in a more personalized manner. You can generate separate campaigns for each customer base depending on what attracts them to your business. Clients will feel more connected and stay loyal as they believe your business understands their needs.

Clients only open messages and emails that spark interest or seem relevant. Therefore, customized messages sent via a CRM can help you drive more sales.

Investing in a CRM tool that accurately identifies customer bases and divides them into segments is a good idea. Proper customer profiles, reports, analytics, multiple data fields, and a proper contact management system are all features that a good CRM must possess.

Better Productivity

You can easily use CRM software or tools to boost productivity and help your business reach new heights. Certain ways that you can do this include:

Tracking Team Performance

Tracking customers solely will help your business but will not ensure long-term success. Ensuring you track your team’s performance and progress is a formula for greater achievement. A CRM can help you do this easily.

With Customer Relationship Management software, you can look for team updates and ensure no difficulties are being faced. Identifying weak points and working on areas that require improvement is also easier.

Proper workload division also becomes inevitable, which increases productivity and reduces time wastage.

Content Customization

Some clients may stop interacting with your business when they feel bored or find something similar that seems more attractive.

To keep clients hooked, you need to customize content to keep it relevant and visually appealing. Customer data provided by CRMs should be used to decide what changes you can make to boost productivity.

Train New Staff With Ease

Training new staff can be taxing and time-consuming. It may also require additional resources. A CRM solution aids the process by helping recruits understand the skills they need to interact with customers. It also helps them gain insight quickly and effectively.

Reduced Sales Cost

New customers are essential for business growth but are not always easy to acquire. It is a good idea to cover advertisement costs used to achieve new clients by gaining more profits from your existing client base.

Repeat sales can be increased by gaining customer trust. Upselling, cross-selling, and renewal campaigns can help drive sales through your existing customer base.

A CRM tool aids this by:

  • Giving priority to leads that are highly likely to convert based on customer interactions and data.
  • Tracking engaged customers to create timely responses and campaigns to increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  • Pick campaigns that can be added to existing deals and see if they fit.
  • Use resources to attract existing clients instead of wasting time and money on dead leads and cold calling.
  • Bring a team on board to immediately close deals once it is clear that the customer is highly interested.

Improved CX

Customer experience or CX is more important than you think. A company’s reputation can be created or destroyed within seconds based on a bad review.

A good or bad review will always spread like fire, so keeping the customer experience in mind is crucial. Your campaigns, product, and customer interaction should make them want to come back and not run far away.

Use CRM data to improvise products, facilities, or services while ensuring reasonable price ranges. Increased customer loyalty and brand credibility will drive more sales and prevent the loss of customers.

What Are Some Key Features Of A CRM Tool?

A good CRM tool has the following key features:

  • Sales force automation, data, reports, and forecasting.
  • Email client integration.
  • CRM file storage.
  • Quote, pipeline, territory, project, campaign, and access management.
  • Tracking
  • Customer service and marketing automation.
  • Social media, third-party, web analytics, and email marketing integrations.
  • Customization options.
  • Testing environment.
  • Role-based views.
  • Product level quotes.
  • Cloud-based or on-premise CRM
  • Call center, chat, and support automation and integration.
  • Marketing automation integration.
  • Sales performance management
  • Inside the sales console.
  • Files sync and share plus CRM data/file storage.
  • Sales data and analytics.
  • Workflow and approvals.
  • Mobile CRM.
  • Reports and dashboards.
  • Lead management for determining high-quality leads.
  • Sales team, contact, and customer opportunity management.


Looking for ways to expand and grow your company can get quite consuming and hectic. Even looking for the right software and tools may be quite challenging.

Fortunately, CRM software can help you track client relationships, create lead-generation strategies, and gain deeper insight into conversions and customer engagement data.

All this helps a company produce better campaigns, content, and advertisements that attract the current customer base and are powerful enough to attract new clients!

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